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US drives global kosher ingredient need

The growing kosher market is prompting manufacturers in countries without much local demand to gain certification so they can export to the high-potential US, and some are exporing continuous kosher...

Palsgaard expands US presence with first local facilities

Danish ingredients firm Palsgaard has opened a new US office, allowing the firm to directly supply its US customers from within the country.

Canada unveils new organic logo

The Canadian government has launched a new organic logo designed to tell consumers that they are purchasing products that are federally certified as organic.

DSM delights bakers and cheese makers at IFT

DSM Food Specialities is using IFT Food Expo 2007 in Chicago to introduce its taste enhancement ingredients to the US.

Cosmeceuticals next up for all-conquering NutraLease?

NutraLease, the patented nano-scale delivery system for hydrophobic nutraceuticals, could soon be entering the cosmeceuticals world, its inventor said after yet another award.

Kemin files suit for lutein patent

Kemin Health has filed a patent infringement suit against OmniActive Health Technologies for methods pertaining to the isolation and purification of lutein and lutein compositions.

Syngenta sales rise as focus shifts from soy to corn

Syngenta has posted strong half-year results, with growth in the firm's corn business offsetting a decline in soybean sales.

IFT: AAK launches no-trans bakery shortenings

Oil and fat manufacturer AarhusKarlsham (AAK) is introducing a number of extensions to its EsSence line of bakery shortenings, designed to respond to the trans-free requirements of niche applications in...

Bunge Q2 profits soar, edible oils still volatile

Agricultural and food ingredient firm Bunge has reported solid growth in its second quarter and half year performance, indicating that the firm could be getting back on track after a...

Anthocyanin-rich corn products may benefit dieters, diabetics

Using blue corn to make tortillas and other products may offer significant benefits for dieters and diabetics, suggests a new study from Mexico and Venezuela.

Tiny devices developed for pathogen detection

Scientists in Denmark have created two tiny devices, which they have leveraged to detect a range of contaminants, from molecules to whole bacteria, in food and water.

Cheese taste and aroma boosted by prebiotics - study

The sensory aspects of cheese could be boosted by the addition of prebiotic ingredients, in addition to improving the nutritional profile of the product, suggests new research.

Healthy ingredients makers court mainstream food at IFT

IFT Expo is bridging the gap between dietary supplement ingredients and mainstream food manufacturers, with companies who once focused on nutrition in a capsule now looking to supply functional food...

One per cent can help reduce sat fat, says agency

Milk that contains only one per cent fat can be used as an ingredient in food products to help formulators reduce saturated fat levels in line with guidance targets, says...

Consumers making healthy fat distinction

Consumers are starting to recognise that some fats can actually be good for them, stimulating growth in the market for polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and CLA, says Leatherhead.

Antioxidants linked to better bone health for osteoarthritis

Increased intake of fruit and the antioxidants they contain, like vitamins C and E, may improve bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.

UK proposes meat ingredient labelling changes

The UK's FSA has launched a consultation on its amendment to regulations on  meat products and ingredients for meat, pursuant to EU legislation that gives limits on for the level...

IFT to examine latest food ingredients and technologies

Food professionals from around the world will make their way to Chicago this weekend as the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2007 annual meeting and expo opens its doors to...

Replacement ingredient cuts fat, manufacturer claims

A new ingredient replacement for margarine or oil can reduce the fat content of some baked goods by 10 to 50 per cent, its manufacturer claims.

Scientists look to salt to reduce acrylamide

Salt may act as a catalyst in the polymerisation, and therefore reduction, of acrylamide in foods, suggests a new study from the Slovak Republic.

Dairy firms merge, blame CAP

French dairy firms Sodiaal and Entremont Alliance announced Tuesday a merger of activities, a move they claim is due to financial pressure brought on by reforms to the EU's system...

Healthy snacks market will boom, says report

The whole grain and high fibre food market will reach $21bn (€15bn) by 2010, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts.

Banana importers hit with EU antitrust allegations

European Commission (EC) antitrust authorities have targeted half a dozen banana import companies with allegations of violating competition laws.

Replacement ingredient cuts fat, manufacturer claims

A new ingredient replacement for margarine or oil can reduce the fat content of some baked goods by 10 to 50 per cent, its manufacturer claims.

Artificial sweetener market driven by obesity concerns

Social and health concerns relating to obesity is driving market growth for the global artificial sweetener market. according to a new report.

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