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Are all calories equal for weight loss? Not so say researchers

‘All calories are not created equal’ according to new research that suggests certain diets help to burn more energy than others.

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

Kalsec prepares for rise in adulteration cases

Kalsec has refined its methods for detecting adulteration of essential oils in preparation for a coming rise in cases, particularly in the area of garlic- and onion derived oils.

FoodNavigator's IFT round-up: New products, innovation, and the hottest new trends

The FoodNavigator team scoured the show for all the latest news and views at IFT 2012 in Las Vegas. Here are our top picks.

Scotland unable to stomach UK reforms as it creates break-away food safety agency

Scotland has created a stand-alone food safety agency as a backlash against the UK Government decision in 2010 to split the functions of the body and over concerns about toxic...

Expert warns of illegal GM Papaya on EU market

The food and fruit industries to be vigilant against a banned variety of genetically modified papaya coming into the EU from Thailand, say experts.

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

IFT 2012 new product round-up: Salt and fat reduction

Salt and fat reduction and flavour masking are major trends among new products at the IFT 2012 trade show in Las Vegas.

News in brief

Olympics ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for biobased packaging – NNFCC

The Olympics offers brand owners and waste management firms the chance to build on sustainable packaging made from plants according to bioeconomy consultancy group the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC).

IFT 2012: Day three in pictures. From high oleic soy to 'toxic' sugar...

Sleep deprived but indefatigable, the FoodNavigator-USA team powered through day three of the IFT show in Las Vegas, meeting experts on sugar metabolism, natural colors, high oleic cooking oils, immune...

News in brief

Tate & Lyle expands centre of excellence

Tate & Lyle Food Systems had announced the expansion and consolidation of its European centre of excellence – with the opening of a new facility alongside its current production site...

The private label dilemma: To be or not to be?

Suppliers that want to jump aboard the private label surge will face a fine balancing act of co-producing for the sector and branded goods, according to Rabobank.

New technology makes acoustic waves to boost beverage flavours in US patent win

The US Patent and Trademark Office has approved a new patent for a method that claims 'significant flavor enhancement' of beverages such as Perrier and wine in taste tests, when these...

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

IFT 2012 new product round-up: Sweeteners

A wealth of new sweetener blends are being showcased by exhibitors at IFT 2012 in Las Vegas, with a major focus on natural sources.

A picture worth a thousand calories? Fatty food images may trigger hunger

Looking at pictures of fattening foods can trigger reward and appetite centres of the brain – leading to increased hunger and a desire for food, say researchers.

IFT 2012: Day two in pictures. From whole algalin flour to the next generation of hot flavors

Day two of the IFT annual meeting and expo in Las Vegas, and the FoodNavigator-USA team was still standing (just about), roaming the aisles in search of innovation, inspiration (and...

New trials show enzyme to cut acrylamide in fries by half: Novozymes

Novozymes has announced new third party data to show that its acrylamide reducing enzyme technology is effective in the industrial production of French fries with up to 50% less acrylamide.

EU regulations must stimulate innovation, says CAOBISCO

Regulation from the EU should encourage, not hinder innovation from the confectionery industry, according to the Association of Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries (CAOBISCO).

IFT 2012: Day one in pictures. From Ingredion to Elvis...

The IFT annual meeting and expo in Las Vegas started as it meant to go on, with inspirational speeches from Starbucks boss Howard Schultz and PepsiCo's R&D chief Dr Mehmood...

FoodNavigator's IFT round-up: Day one

The FoodNavigator team discusses highlights and observations from day one of the show in Las Vegas.

News in brief

Diet advice for mums could cut childhood obesity

Teaching new mums about healthy eating and active play can help cut the risk of their child being overweight or obese, according to new research.

Dispatches from IFT Las Vegas

‘Claim free’ trend may lie around the corner

A ‘claim free’ trend may be set to emerge, with consumers becoming blind to complicated labels and pack assertions they may clamour for simple, natural ingredients they can understand without...

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Vegas

Food technologists launch campaign tackling consumer prejudice

Grocery stores would be full of empty shelves, rotten fruit, insect-infested grain and spoiled meat if food science as we know it did not exist.

Are soda industry CSR campaigns bad for public health?

Expensive and elaborate CSR campaigns used by the soda industry, focused on consumers rather than on the corporation, echo tactics employed by big tobacco firms, argue experts. 

Cancer-linked chemical in Coke sparks UK campaign letter to health ministry

Campaigners will today write to the UK Department of Health (DH) calling for strict limits on levels of 4-MEI, a chemical compound present in caramel colourings used in drinks such...

Fighting fat is crucial to battle for food resources: Study

Tackling the global obesity epidemic is ‘crucial’ in the fight for food security and ecological sustainability, say researchers.

National Starch Food Innovation Europe targets reduced fat pastries

National Starch Food Innovation Europe has extended the use of its Sustaingrain wholegrain barley and N-Dulge FR tapioca dextrin and starch solution to deliver reduced fat, lower cost shortcrust pastries.

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