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Dispatches from IFT

Giving process cheese a healthy makeover

Land O’Lakes discusses the latest development in process cheese, with 50 per cent lower fat and 35 per cent lower sodium.

Review finds no effect of soy on testosterone

A review of 15 studies into the influence of soy proteins or isoflavones on male hormones has found no evidence of an estrogen-like effect.

Univar expands deal with Lithuanian starch maker

Univar has secured a new agreement with flour producer Amilina to sell its high purity starches in ten European countries.

EFSA opinions give Monsanto new Euro confidence

The European Food Safety Authority has issued positive opinions on the safety of Monsanto’s MON 810 corn trait and Roundup Ready 2 corn product, giving the firm confidence that Europe...


Confusion reigns in cosmeceutical name game

The term cosmeceutical has always been controversial, but the blurring boundaries between the worlds of nutrition and cosmetics are highlighting divisions that neither industry can ignore.

News in brief

UK supermarket to open own farm

Morrisons supermarket is set to open a 700 acre farm to research farming efficiency and sustainability in Scotland – and is seeking another site in England.

New NIZO tool to help fermented food development

NIZO Food Research has developed a new tool to predict the functionalities of different microorganisms based on their genomes, which will help speed the development of fermented foods and ingredients.

Xanthan gum helps cassava-wheat bread quality: Study

Researchers from Nigeria have found that xanthan gum can assist with quality and storage issues of cassava-wheat bread in a study that could help encourage use of cassava flour in...

Animal fats linked to pancreatic cancer: Study

Researchers have linked high intake of fat from red meat and dairy products with increased risk of pancreatic cancer, in a study published in the Journal of the National...

Silliker buys French firm for more healthy food research

Silliker is building clout in the provision of food clinical studies with the acquisition of French CRO Biofortis, as the healthy eating drive and claims legislation demand top notch research.

Sweetness perception could vary with ethnicity: Study

Researchers claim to have discovered a particular gene variant that could affect sweetness perception among different ethnic groups, raising the possibility of more targeted flavor profiling of foods.

News in brief

Bold new sales targets for Scottish food makers

The Scottish food and drink manufacturing sector aims to increase sales by one third, to ₤10bn by 2017; in the last two years sales of Scottish goods in Great Britain...

Sweden seeks feedback on enviro-health food guidelines

Swedish authorities have drawn up a new set of guidelines on diet choices for health and the environment and is circulating them around the EU for feedback – and to...

No additional weight loss with CLA, arginine combo: Rat study

Conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) and L-arginine consumed together have separate but not additive effects on weight loss, according to a study conducted on rats.

New UTZ certification for world’s biggest cocoa producers

Producers in the world’s largest cocoa-producing country, Côte d’Ivoire, are taking part in the first independent audits in preparation for the UTZ Certified code of conduct; a programme that sets...

Healthier mayonnaise passes consumer taste test: Study

Rice bran oil and soy protein concentrate could be used by mayonnaise manufacturers to cut fat levels while increasing consumer acceptability, according to a study on its sensory properties.

Ulrick & Short launches flocculated starch for sauces

Ulrick & Short is launching a new maize-based starch made using its flocculation technology, which is said to reduce energy needed to make lump-less sauces and help preserve flavours.

Exclusive interview

Danisco expects sustainability effects on bottom line

Danisco’s new sustainability chief will look to build more value from company policies and seeing results on the bottom line – as well as for the environment and local communities.

News in brief

Which? gives salads a dressing down

Which? has found that the average pre-prepared salad sold in UK supermarkets is almost as loaded with calories and fat as a burger – largely because of their dressings.

Danisco results show trickle down of consumer savings strategies

Danisco latest results bear testament to the responses of consumers to the economic crisis around the world – with very different shifts taking place in the US and Europe.

Creating the ‘gold standard’ for natural beef flavours

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) has released a new range of “natural and authentic” beef flavors which it says responds to consumer demand for natural ingredients.

Organic shift would drive healthier diets: report

A major shift towards organic agriculture in the UK would cause a shift in the commodity mix – and subsequently be accompanied by healthier eating options, concludes a new report.

Consumer confidence in food manufacturers plunges, says survey

New research from the United States suggests that consumer confidence in food companies has plummeted after less than one in five said they trusted firms to develop and sell healthy...

Fibre-enriched pasta beats tradition in taste test

A resistant starch-rich powder from unripe banana could boost the nutritional content of pasta, report researchers from Mexico.

IFT trend tour: Color and flavor innovation

At the IFT trade show in Anaheim, Jess Halliday followed the Flavor and Color Innovation trend tour, and spoke to some of the companies showing their latest developments at the...

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