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EFSA rejects concerns over Monsanto maize

The European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) GMO panel has no safety concerns after reviewing data from French scientists suggesting toxicity concerns in rats fed the MON863 variety of GM maize...

BASF disappointed at Amflora decision delay

BASF is standing by the safety of its Amflora genetically optimised starch potato as the EU Council of Ministers postpones its decision on commercial optimisation, and urges swifter adoption of...

Raisio mulls Nokia mill closure

Raisio has revealed that it is considering shutting down its grain mill in Nokia, Finland, to raise profitability in the face of changing market conditions.

Go green and profit, says Fonterra

Fonterra, New Zealand's largest food group has pledged to step up its commitment to tackling climate change amidst new findings from the country suggesting businesses could profit from greater environmental...

Experts to debate the great food-health conflict

Food industry experts and academics are to convene next week to debate the conflicts between modern food provisions and healthy living, and how these could be considered in devising food...

Scientists offer predictions for sour taste in acid foods

The sourness of acidified beverages is related to concentrations of hydrogen and organic acid species, says a new study from the US that may offer an easy method for formulators...

Food Valley attracts first Japanese food company

Nippon Suisan Kaisha has become the first Japanese food company to set up R&D operations in The Netherlands' Food Valley to cater to the European consumer - and others are...

Novel foods relaxation would boost trade

A proposal by the European Commission to ease novel foods regulation for foods with a safe history in other parts of the world is eagerly anticipated by industry experts, who...

Raisio halts Russian margarine production

Raisio is to cease production of margarine at its plant in Istra, Russia from September, when it will transfer the operation to a subcontractor in an effort to reduce over-capacity...

Industry's Article 13 list expected by July

European trade associations for health products and food supplements have announced that the EU-wide industry list of hundreds of Article 13 health claims for authorisation should be finished by the...

DSM, Buhler to start production of fortified NutriRice kernels

DSM and Buhler today announced the opening production facility of their Chinese joint venture Wuxi NutriRice Co, marking the imminent start of the first commercial production of nutritionally-enriched rice kernels...

Fungi seen as cost-effective lactic acid source

Fungal species of Rhizopus could offer a valuable alternative source for lactic acid production, with significant advantages over bacterial production, says a new review from Australia.

Quinoa - meat analogue of the future?

Quinoa, dubbed the mother of all grains, is starting to put in an appearance as a meat analogue in vegetarian foods, with Israeli company Soglowek launching quinoa-based patties to the...

Happier outlook for the folic acid debate

Adding folic acid to bread could help fight depression, according to new research by the University of York and Hull York Medical School.

Plan to use plants to boost EU competitiveness

The EU's Plants for the Future Technology Platform this week released its strategic research agenda, highlighting the need for farmers to diversify and grow environmentally-friendly crops to ensure future competitiveness.

New wheat identification process developed

A new wheat verification process that identifies proteins is faster than other methods, its developer claims.

Food industry hailed as example of a health partner

The food industry last week received a pat on the back for its partnership with UK government initiatives aimed at improving public health and lifestyles - a commendation welcomed by...

GM tomato comes up smelling of roses

What do you get when you cross a tomato with a lemon basil plant?

New study reignites aspartame cancer concerns

Concerns over the safety of aspartame could be reignited after a new study with rats linked regular intake of the sweetener with increased risk of leukaemia, lymphomas and breast cancer.

Cinnamon again linked to better blood sugar

Using cinnamon as a functional ingredient may lead to slower emptying of the stomach and reduce the rise in blood sugar after eating, says a new study.

Weekly comment

Clinical trials - gold standard or white elephant?

Randomised clinical trials are the ultimate. Forget what the observational studies tell us, if the RCT gives us an answer it must be the final word, right? Wrong.

Synergy pastes to counter 'bland' taste of health

Synergy is expanding its ethnic flavours offering with a new line of pastes intended to help manufacturers counter the perception that healthy foods are bland by definition.

Smoke flavouring found to be unsafe

FF-B, a smoke flavouring, can damage the genetic material in cells, the Europe's food safety agency warned on Friday.

Let's get back to basics on Doha, says Lamy

Following the collapse of G4 talks on the Doha trade round on Thursday, WTO director general told the trade Negotiations Committee on Friday that it is time to reassert the...

Study gives NOAEL level for soy

The no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for soy in Europe should be two milligrams, says a new study from Switzerland, Denmark and Italy.

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