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Exotic ingredients starting to prove popular with manufacturers

Exotic ingredients are starting to grow in demand from European manufacturers as they target the healthy end of the bakery market.

Antioxidant-rich almonds on a par with fruit and vegetables.

According to recent research, antioxidant-rich almonds could be the smart choice for manufacturers trying to reach a health-conscious market.

Tate & Lyle launches compressible dextrose for candy, tablets

Tate and Lyle has announced the launch of Meritab - a new direct compressible dextrose that can be used in confectionary, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

NFU president predicts end of "cheap food"

Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmer's Union, said this week that the era of "cheap food on world markets is coming to an end", and predicted a golden future...

Teagasc goes genomic to boost flavour in dairy

Irish researchers are working on using genomics to enhance flavour in dairy products - and enhancing the country's technological standing in international R&D.

Chr. Hansen wins natural colour patent case

Danish company, Chr. Hansen has announced that it has won a patent case to protect its natural LiquidCap colour, a result that protects not only Chr. Hansen but also the...

Carrefour guilty of illegal labour practices

French retailer Carrefour has been found guilty of allowing hypermarket staff to be paid directly by suppliers, depriving the employees of payroll benefits and collective bargaining agreements.

IFT: food cravings could be key to obesity

The role of food craving must be properly investigated if we are to successfully develop measures to counter the current obesity crisis, said Marcia Levin Pelchat from Morell Chemical Senses...

Retailers boost fairtrade sales

Global sales in fairtrade products have increased 37 per cent to €1.1bn (£758m) in the last year, as leading supermarket chains switch sourcing policies to tap the growing consumer trend...

EU to review dairy market in 2008

A review of the European Union's dairy strategy will take in place in 2008, with intervention prices, storage subsidies and milk quotas all up for discussion.

EU and food industry both part of the obesity solution

The obesity issue is not going to solve itself, concluded participants in a CIAA debate this month who advocated an EU-wide approach to tackling the problem, with the food and...

Antioxidant-rich almonds on a par with fruit and vegetables

According to recent research, antioxidant-rich almonds could be the smart choice for manufacturers trying to reach a health-conscious market.

IFT: Solae unveils new protein technology

The Solae company has launched a new range of protein ingredients that it claims could help redefine meat and meat-free categories.

Smithfield buys Sara Lee's European meats arm

Following a month of negotiations, Sara Lee has agreed the sale of its European meats business to Smithfield for $575m (€457.6m), as both firms reposition themselves in the marketplace.

Diploma courses to boost skills levels in UK food sector

Specialised diploma courses for various manufacturing segments of the food industry will be created in the UK, part of a bid to increase the skills levels in the industry.

IFT: No consensus on global GM labelling

The current move towards harmonising global regulations on genetically modified food is a good thing, though agreement on labelling remains as far away as ever, an IFT conference heard this...

Experts discuss science of food preferences at IFT

Food preferences and flavour perceptions may be formed in the womb, and form the basis of understanding selection and consumption, experts told delegates in Orlando.

Bunge targets snack bar makers with protein enhancement system

Leading oilseed producer Bunge has developed a new process to incorporate protein into candy bars, which the company claims does not have a negative impact on the product's texture and...

McCormick swallows Asian food brands

The world's leading spice manufacturer McCormick has bought Epicurean International's portfolio of Thai cooking ingredients and convenience foods for $97m (€77m).

Unilever fishing for low-fat ice cream

Unilever has developed a new genetically modified protein that it says will serve up low-fat ice cream without compromising on taste, as ice cream firms step up the race to...

IFT president joins food colour giant DD Williamson

President of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Margaret Lawson has become vice president for science and innovation at global food colour manufacturer DD Williamson.

Ireland on-course for salt reduction targets

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has announced that it is on-course to meet salt reduction recommendations but stressed that more research and investment is necessary if the ultimate...

Kraft prepares for UB bid

American manufacturer Kraft will make a bid for United Biscuit's southern European division, while Premier Foods and a Dutch equity firm negotiate for stakes in UB's northern European operations.

IFT: A US perspective on EU GM regulations

The EU's approach to GM food regulation has little theoretical basis, and panders to the fears and prejudices of its citizens, according to a US scientist.

Decaf coffee could protect against type-2 diabetes

Drinking six or more cups of coffee every day could reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by more than 20 per cent, says a new US study.

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