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Cargill buys food ingredient systems firm in China

Ambitious ingredients firm Cargill reaches into its deep pockets, strengthening its portfolio to food makers in China through the acquisition of an academia supported food ingredients firm based in Peking,...

New flavour tool from Symrise opens up opportunities in product development

Number four flavour house Symrise builds a tool that brings new opportunities in product development for food technologists through a stronger understanding of the complex nature of foodstuffs, writes Lindsey...

Developing markets bring new gains for flavour firms

Reflecting the benefits for ingredients and additive players that look east to unsaturated markets to boost the bottom line, Aromco, a small flavour house in the UK, sees a 77...

Job cuts at Purac

Job losses at leading lactic acid supplier Purac are on the cards as the firm's owner, bakery ingredients supplier CSM, continues its restructuring programme to strengthen core activities.

Global risk assessor tackles acrylamide

As global food risks continue to threaten the food supply - from ingredients to end products - the UN's risk assessor strengthens its presence, writes Lindsey Partos.

Internet system locates food handlers along supply chain

ScoringSystem has launched an Internet-based record keeping system and database to allow companies to track their food products throughout the supply chain using radio frequency identification (RFID) and a new...

Food allergy scientists to improve food formulations

Food makers using potential food allergens in their formulations will benefit from the findings of a new food consortium, reports Lindsey Partos.

Saturated and trans fats, a risk factor for diabetes?

Diets high in saturated and trans fats could be a major risk factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, say Canadian researchers, reports Lindsey Partos.

Group behind food lawsuit accused of extremism

A lawsuit targeting Kraft, General Mills and Dannon for dishonest advertising over weight-loss claims has been attacked as a front for animal rights extremists, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Food makers to market more healthy foods for kids

Despite soaring sales figures for health-positioned products, new research suggests the health message has yet to reach children, reports Lindsey Partos.

Dark chocolate could protect the cardiovascular system

Far from being an unhealthy treat, the scientific evidence is support of the health benefits of eating dark chocolate are stacking up. The latest research indicates that the flavonoid-rich substance...

Soy prices to fall for food makers?

Ingredients players and food makers could expect some relief in soy ingredients prices as soybean futures on the Chicago Board of Trade fell yesterday, reports Lindsey Partos.

Organic foods get clearer standards in UK

Standards for organic foods get an overhaul as the UK's industry body responds to calls for clarification.

New product development targets 'light' dessert yoghurts

Reflecting ongoing product development for low-fat lines targeting the health conscious consumer Yoplait Dairy Crest launches a new line of dessert recipe yoghurts that hinges on a range of fruit...

Listeria and aflatoxins dominate food safety alerts in EU last week

Food pathogens and harmful toxins dominate the EU's food risk alert system this week, detected in a range of products from fish and cheese to pistachios and chilli powder, reports...

Monday comment

Claims, claims, claims

As lawyers circle the food and drink industry like a fatted calf, the first lesson for those preparing for defence is that it is not so much what you sell...

Sunflower oil price hits new high

Cost pressures on food producers and processors operating in Russia look likely to increase as prices for sunflower seed oil rise ever more rapidly, reports Angela Drujinina.

OST builds as Russians gulp bottled water

OST Group, one of Russia's biggest drinks producers, will spend ˆ6m on bottled water production lines in the next six months as new figures show the market is soaring, writes...

Nestlé invests in tough Russian confectionery market

Nestlé has launched new sweets and biscuits in Russia as intense competition has forced the firm to invest heavily in what is now the world's fourth biggest confectionery market, reports...

Top concerns revealed in Russian chocolate sector

Our journalist Angela Drujinina brings you the latest research on Russia¡¯s chocolate market, including producers¡¯ concerns, the market situation and market leaders.

Health trends drive soy milk craze

Soy milk has been Western Europe's fastest growing 'dairy' sector over the last six years, presenting new challenges to dairy firms via consumer health trends and new fears over lactose...

Symrise bid for Degussa reaches second round

Number four flavours and fragrance group Symrise heads into the second round of bidding for the food chemicals arm of German group Degussa, reports Lindsey Partos.

China: massive opportunities for food makers and ingredients firms

Underlining the massive potential that exists for food makers and ingredients players in China, new data reveals only about 30 per cent of food in China is processed, compared to...

EU ministers reject Brussels move on GM foods

Ongoing divisions over GM ingredients once again evident in Europe as EU ministers throw out an attempt by the Commission to overturn bans on growing legal GM crops currently in...

Cereal starch sweetener industry hit by sugar reform

Sweeping changes to EU sugar regime would put Europe's cereal starch sweetener industry at risk, threatening job losses and even possible business closures, warns the industry this week, reports Lindsey...

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