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Slashing global malnutrition hinges heavily on agri productivity

Rising incomes in developing countries puts an 84% drop in global malnutrition by 2050 in sight – but it won’t happen unless agricultural productivity continues to increase and climate change...

Obesity epidemic: Nearly one-third of the world is overweight or obese

Almost 30% of the global population are either obese or overweight, according to new trend data from 188 countries.

Europe tightens import rules on South African citrus fruits

The European Commission has brought in stricter import requirements for South African citrus fruit to protect European crops from citrus black spot.

Should sugar sweetened drinks carry obesity and health warnings?

Calls for the UK and other countries around the world to place tobacco style health warnings on sugary drinks are growing, warns Professor Simon Capewell.

Tate & Lyle profits hit by fall in sweetener price

Tate & Lyle has reported a fall in profits as a result of an increasingly competitive sweetener market and a decline in beverage sales.


Study finds whale waste could save declining fisheries

New research has revealed that Far from being a threat to fisheries, whales may in fact play a key role in sustaining fish stocks.

The price of sustainable labelling: Are consumers more interested in nutrition and cost

Despite widespread interest in sustainability issues, the labelling of products with information on environmental and ethical issues remains a low priority for consumers when compared to nutritional value and price.

Understanding disease resistance genes may secure future food production

A new understanding of how plants and crops defend themselves against diseases could help to breed more successful disease-resistant agricultural crops, say researchers.

Regional focus is needed to put sustainability promises in to practice

When it comes to putting sustainability promises in to practice, it is vital that industry understands the key issues that affect different regions, says Job Leuning of Cargill.

‘Red, red wine…without sulfites’: Chr. Hansen promises paradigm shift

Chr. Hansen claims its new wine culture is a ‘fantastic launch’ that will greatly increase the speed and predictability of malolactic fermentation and remove the need for producers to use...

Proposed GM law creates uproar

A new law being discussed in Brussels this week could give biotech companies “unprecedented power” over decisions to ban genetically modified (GM) crops in Europe, according to Friends of the...

Research suggests sweeteners help reduce weight

People consuming low- and no-calorie sweetened (LCNS) beverages on average lose nearly 50% more weight than those who just drink water, a new study has shown.

‘Brands that rubbish other brands...I don’t get it!’: Vita Coco UK CEO Giles Brook

Vita Coco’s UK CEO Giles Brook tells he doesn’t understand ‘brands that rubbish other brands’ following an attack by coconut water rival INVO on his product’s nutritional and health...

Meat prices must rise before cultured meat is viable, say researchers

The economic feasibility of sustainably cultured meat compared to that of traditional meat production may be the greatest challenge facing those who support the new technology, warn researchers.

Unilever backs global start-up platform to increase marketing innovation

Food and consumer goods giant Unilever has launched a new global platform to engage with and support innovative start-up firms with new technologies.

Taste economics: Manipulating price impacts taste perception and consumer emotions

Altering the price of a food product can have an immediate impact on taste perception, as well as feelings of overeating and guilt, according to new research.

News in brief

Rousselot reveals gelatine price increase

Leading gelatine supplier Rousselot has announced a price increase of its hide gelatin portfolio on the back of 'severe drought' in Brazil and upward pricing pressure in the South American...

News in brief

Wrigley launches its first stevia-sweetened product

Wrigley has introduced Extra Professional Mints containing stevia rebaudiana across Europe, marking the first time it has used stevia in a product globally.

Cloetta strengthens in UK with Jelly Bean Factory buy

Scandinavia confectioner Cloetta has acquired Irish firm Aran Candy, owner of the Jelly Bean Factory Brand, for an initial SEK 140m ($21.1m).

Investec on hunt for entrepreneur of the year

Bank and market analyst Investec has launched a hunt to find a food or drink business that has reinvented its category to crown its ‘Food & Drink entrepreneur of the...


'Adolescents don't know what they're drinking': Energy drinks study warns

Australian academics warn that young adolescents can easily identify energy drinks brands such as Red Bull or Monster, but are unaware of key ingredients including caffeine, guarana and taurine, and...

POIG sets new benchmark for responsible palm oil

A new set of indicators set out by the NGO-backed Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) aims to take responsible palm sourcing to a new level.

Thick and creamy: Health claims hurdles leading to an uptake in 'sensory claims'

The challenges of attaining a positive health claim opinion from EFSA is driving many manufacturers to explore the use of sensory claims to entice consumers, says Leatherhead Food Research.

French research 'concern' as court dismisses case against GM-activists

French researchers have expressed 'serious concern' at a recent decision by a court to clear 54 activists who destroyed 70 experimental genetically modified (GM) grapevines in 2010.

Irish dairy group beefs up African ingredients presence

The opening last week of a regional development and application centre in Durban, South Africa, signals a clear intent by Kerry Foods to ramp up its focus on the fast...

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