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‘Illicit drugs’ and sodas cause similar dental damage: Study

Consuming ‘illicit drugs’ such as crack cocaine and methamphetamines gives rise to similar kinds of dental damage than that caused by heavy soda consumption, a new US Academy of General...

New EU approved additives list comes in to force tomorrow

The new list of approved additives for food and drink products will come in to force across the European Union (EU) from June 1st.

Sucralose sweetener may modify sugar metabolism: Study

Dietary intake of the non-nutritive sweetener sucralose might alter the way your body processes and reacts to normal dietary sugars, according to new research.

Kellogg targets ‘dunkable’, handheld breakfast trend in continental Europe

Kellogg has launched a breakfast biscuit range in France, Spain and Italy to cash in on consumer desires for ‘dunkable’, handheld breakfast options on the continent, it said.

FAO: ‘Promising’ cassava flour can drastically cut costs for bakers

Flour made from cassava can be up to half the price of regular wheat flour, holding great promise for bakers amid commodity volatility, says the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Poor rice quality contributes to $3.39bn losses

Rice quality issues contribute to $3.39bn a year at least in global costs to the food industry from rice waste, significantly boosting the importance of quality testing.

Mondelez creates $600m kitty to seize emerging markets

Mondelez International has set aside a $600m warchest over the next three years to cement its position in emerging markets.

Significant action already taken to combat conflicts of interest, says EFSA

EFSA says it has already made significant changes to prevent future conflicts of interests arising, but adds that it will give ‘careful and detailed consideration’ to new recommendations made by...

Tate & Lyle full year results sweetened by bulk ingredients

Food ingredients giant Tate & Lyle said it expects another year of profitable growth after the firm posted a 4% rise in full year profits.

News in brief

European Commission approves modified deal for Lutosa by McCain

The European Commission (EC) has approved the proposed acquisition of Belgium potato processor Lutosa of by North American giant McCain.

Study unlocks trigger for late-night snack cravings

An evolutionary trait that helped predecessors store energy in times of food scarcity may now be the driving factor behind obesity, say researchers studying the reason behind late-night snack cravings.

EU Parliament set for June 11 vote on PARNUTS reform

The long-awaited reform of EU rules governing ‘special’ foods like baby and gluten-free foods, is imminent with a June 11 vote to mandate the changes – and most stakeholders satisfied...

Stevia: The Holy Grail or fail for chocolate?

When stevia sealed EU novel foods approval in December 2011 it was heralded as the holy grail of sweeteners, but has it lived up to all the hype for chocolate?

Case closed? EFSA failed on conflict of interests case, finds EU Ombudsman

The European Food Safety Authority failed to take adequate measures to prevent conflict of interests arising from a major 'revolving doors' case in 2008, according to a final EU Ombudsman...

Don’t ‘replace’ salt – just use it better, says formulation expert

Food and snack manufacturers should be looking at innovative solutions that involve using less salt to do more, rather than simply using salt replacement products, according to Wayne Morley of...

Tate & Lyle dives deeper into sodium reduction with new deal

Tate & Lyle has extended its sodium reduction offerings through a new licence deal with Eminate on bicarbonate reduction technology for baked goods.

Potatoes offer nutritional value for money, say researchers

When it comes to getting nutritional value for your money, potatoes should be top of the list, according to new research published in PLoS One.

News in brief

Heart journal retracts Italian meta-analysis used in IOM sodium reduction report

A meta-analysis purported to show that low-sodium diets are harmful to patients with heart failure, and cited by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in its recent report, has been retracted...

News in brief

Women read food labels more than men

A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that female consumers are more likely to read and heed information on food packaging than men.

Antioxidants could take acrylamide mitigation to the next level, say researchers

Researchers and industry wishing to reduce acrylamide levels in food should put more work in to understanding the full formation mechanism of the potential carcinogen - and how antioxidants can...

'Robust' pasta filata cheese cultures support downgrade-reduction efforts - Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen has developed a new range of "robust" cultures for mozzarella and other pasta filata cheeses that support manufacturer efforts to reduce product variation and downgrade costs....

EFSA finds BASF pesticide also poses bee risk

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has added a fourth insecticide to its list of chemicals suspected of playing a role in declining bee populations.

“The price of apparently cheap food is costing nothing less than the Earth.”

We are not amused: Prince launches scathing attack on food industry

The Prince of Wales has called on Europe to ‘recalibrate and re-gear’ its food systems towards a local model of food production and distribution - while issuing a wide-ranging attack...

Red meat industry’s future depends on communication

Making the eat “less but better” red meat message profitable for the food industry, farmers and the rural economy is crucial for developing a more sustainable food system.

Ancient grains: Health versus history

The heritage and authenticity behind ancient grains is a key selling point that bakers should work hard to communicate, says Datamonitor.

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