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Fairtrade popularity grows in 2009

Sales of Fairtrade certified products increased 15 per cent in 2009, according to the global Fairtrade body, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO).


Scientific failings are the organic industry’s gain

Are organic foods healthier? The sad truth is that nearly 100,000 studies later, we just don't know. Meanwhile, this lack of certainty presents major business opportunities for the organic food industry.

Irish food authority forms research alliance to boost economy

Food processors in Ireland look set to benefit from a partnership between a national food authority and a top university to boost technology, innovation and research.

Sweet potato protein shows emulsifier potential

Proteins extracted from sweet potato showed good emulsifying ability and may offer formulators a clean label alternative, suggests new research.

Unilever expects products to help meet essential fatty acid advice

Processed foods will play an important role in helping consumers meet new recommendations for essential fatty acids without increasing energy intake, says Unilever Nutrition VP.

Cognis comments spark €3.4bn buy-out figure

Speculation about typical asset valuing ion the chemicals industry by Cognis’s chief financial officer, Marco Panichi, has led to a figure of €3.4bn being attached to the German ingredient company,...

News in brief

Cargill to invest in Russian chicken plan

Cargill is planning to build a new chicken processing facility in Russia so it can supply locally rather than shipping from France.

Assess efficacy of on-pack ethical info, suggests Campden BRI

A new research project suggests there is a wide gap between what consumers say their ethical and environmental concerns are, and what they actually buy; food companies should assess...

Cargill gets Novel Foods for Xtend sucromalt

A sucromalt ingredient from Cargill has received Novel Foods approval in Europe, opening up the use of the sweetener in a range of food and beverage products in the bloc.

Tate & Lyle shifts focus as profits fall

Tate & Lyle has announced a major shake-up of its business, shifting focus to specialty food ingredients and away from its traditional sugar business.

Scottish government investment to improve domestic supply chain

The Scottish government has pledged £300,000 to boost supply chain efficiency for national food processors

From iconic tastes to regulations: Givaudan flavour chief shares insights

What are the hot topics on the lips of the flavour industry? In a rare interview Mauricio Graber, president of flavours at Givaudan, talked to about acquisitions, icon flavours,...

New functional systems to climate-proof cream cheese

Hydrosol has developed new ‘functional systems’ for cream cheese makers struggling to get reliable and economical fresh milk or cream supplies.

Cellulose ingredients make for crispier, healthier fried products

Adding the hydrocolloid HPMC to a batter can reduce the uptake of oil during frying and enhance the ‘crunch’ on eating the crispy crust, says new data from Europe.

International manufacturers will be hit by Greek measures, analyst

Greek consumers are likely to curb their spending on relatively new additions to their diets due to the austerity measures, predicts Euromonitor's expert on Greece, meaning that multinational firms will...

News in brief

Tortilla chips sole offender in Danish GM survey

An investigation by Danish authorities into illegal GMOs in food products found all but one batch of tortilla chips followed content and labelling riles.

Cognis details best ever quarter as buy-out speculation continues

German chemicals and nutrients giant Cognis has turned in its best ever Q1 operating profit as sales across its three core divisions exceeded 2008 pre-financial crisis volumes in 2008 for...

News in brief

Irish whiskey cracks the US market, says Datamonitor

New research from Datamonitor indicates that Irish whiskey is beating rivals in its market thanks to its appeal among younger drinkers in the US.

Pea drink concept poised to take on soy

Roquette is proposing a new pea-based beverage concept to the industry, which it believes could rival soy products as a source of protein for people who follow dairy-free diets.

Milk research group takes first step to functional ingredients

A new initiative to identify dairy bioactive ingredients has yielded 30 peptides that could be used to develop new functional food and beverage ingredients.

How the Greek food industry is squaring up to austerity

As Greece comes to terms with economic bail out measures, the food industry is prepared to feel some pinch but it expects to fare rather better than non-essential industries.

Belgian food chain adopts voluntary code of practice

Food industry operators in Belgium have set out a code of conduct that aims to streamline the supply and production chain and avoid extreme price fluctuations in the future.

Fat all the same for stopping hunger pangs: Study

It does not matter what form fat is consumed in – saturated, mono- or poly-unsaturated – they all perform poorly when it comes to producing a feeling of fullness, says...

UK consumers more interested in animal welfare food

Two new surveys indicate that animal welfare is playing a greater role in food purchasing decisions in the UK, beating food additives as the most worrying issue in consumers’ minds.

‘Easy’ and ‘pure’ are top claims for baking mixes, Mintel

Interest in baking at home has significantly picked up over the last six months, with baking mix manufacturers increasingly flagging up ease of use to respond to a growing demand...

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