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Tereos confirms interest in Danisco sugar

French sugar and food solutions company Tereos has confirmed it is hoping to acquire Danisco's sugar business, and that it is bidding against Germany's Nordzucker.

Developing world to become food commodity hub

Global agriculture and trade for most commodities are set to centre on developing countries in the next ten years - a prediction that gives weight to food industry strategies to...

Clarinol closer to Novel Foods approval

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has won approval for use in foods and beverages within the European Union from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Sugar not to blame for kids behaving badly: review

A new review of studies investigating the role of sucrose in children's behaviour has concluded that it is not the root cause of behavioural problems such as ADHD.

Study links milk farm chemical input to nutrient kick

Lower input non-organic and organically produced milk has been found to contain significantly higher levels of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants compared to higher chemical use sources, a new...

Tate & Lyle inks 'bran' new gut health deal

UK-based ingredients giant Tate & Lyle has dipped into its independent €30+m venture capital fund to the tune of €3.5m to partner with a Belgian start-up researching the gut health...

Chefs take centre stage in developing future foods

Chefs have long had a role to play in the food industry's development of new products, but ingredients companies are placing greater emphasis on how their sensory skills can be...

Food prices will fall but remain above average, OECD/FAO

The OECD and FAO have today released their Agricultural Outlook for 2008 to 2017: Food prices will come down as temporary factors are resolved, but longer-term factors will cause them...

Boost for corn fibre gum's emulsifying potential

USDA scientists are continuing to expand the potential of a gum produced from corn fibre to replace gum arabic as emulsifiers in beverages, with a new study pinpointing the emulsifying...

Sales soar for Chinese potato starch supplier

There is evidence that European potato starch suppliers are losing out to Chinese competitors, as anti-dumping measures drive rampant growth for leading Chinese starch maker.

New yeast extract helps cut salt in non-cheesy sauces

Synergy is introducing a new variant of its Saporesse lactic yeast extract, which is said to extend salt reduction possibilities to a broader range of food categories.

Cognis fails to turn higher sales into profit growth

Escalating raw material prices have prevented Cognis from translating its strong first quarter sales increases into profit growth.

New hydrocolloid more viscous than guar gum: study

A new study from Japan into the rheological properties of a hydrocolloid from the leaves of Corchorus olitorius has found it to have even better viscosity than guar hum and...

Wolff pledges to fight illegal honey claims

Ingredients company Alfred L Wolff is vigorously denying accusations against two of its US executives who were arrested for allegedly importing honey from China mislabelled as coming from Russia and...

Salt reduction reaches limit for biscuits and cakes

Many UK biscuit and cake products have reached their salt-reduction limit, thanks to bakers' efforts to cut salt components, according to Barbara Gallani, manager of the Food and Drink Federation's...

EU moves to restrict Ukrainian sunflower oil imports

The European Commission has set tough import standards for Ukrainian sunflower oil following the recent discovery that some products were contaminated.

New sucralose supplier enters European market today

Food makers to see alternative supplies for sucralose as new manufacturer for this booming sweetener hits European markets for the first time, launching today in Amsterdam.

Italy number one for antioxidant-rich kiwi supply

Supplies to food and supplements makers for the fruit that packs a powerful antioxidant punch continue to grow as Italy, the world's largest producer of kiwis, reports strong production figures...

Sodium benzoate removed from Diet Coke

Coca-Cola is phasing out the use of the controversial additive sodium benzoate in Diet Coke on the back of consumer demand for more natural products.

Reduced sodium ingredients contribute to salt effort

Efforts to reduce salt in packaged foods involve more than just salt replacers and flavour enhancers, as suppliers contribute to overall efforts by tweaking processes to make lower sodium ingredients.

Weekly comment

The GSK weight loss wake-up call

GlaxoSmithKline's petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban dietary supplements from making weight loss claims, has opened a cupboard and only the deluded would deny the presence...

DMV makes global launch of non-HVO topping

DMV is formally launching its new vegetable-derived base for toppings, Aerion DP 90, on a global basis, billed it as a healthy alternative for dairy cream toppings that does not...

Agrana acquires half of Studen's sugar sales operations

Leading sugar and starch producer in Central and Eastern Europe, Agrana has announced it has acquired, subject to regulatory authority approval, 50 per cent of the shares in the sugar...

Exter eyes geographical, product expansion in the mid-term

Dutch flavour firm Exter is considering investing in new production facilities in the US or Asia in the years to come, and may also expand its product offering to other...

EFSA gives green light to six flavouring agents

Six flavouring agents used in a variety of foods are cleared by Europe's risk assessor but industry is still awaiting the outcome for seven other agents evaluated at the same...

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