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UK proposes CO2 labelling for products

In a bid to push processors and other manufacturers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the UK government yesterday unveiled a proposal to put "carbon footprint" labels on all products....

Obesity white paper gives 3 years for self-regulation impact

The European Commission yesterday adopted a white paper setting out a European strategy on nutrition, overweight and obesity, including plans to review progress in three years.

CCFRA reviews children's food choice triggers

A new review of what influences children's food choices will help food companies develop and market appealing products - and aid bodies that regulate marketing practices, says publisher CCFRA.

GM progress being made in Europe, says Monsanto chief

Europe is edging slowly towards GM acceptance, according to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, who underscored the continent's strategic importance and said his company is laying the groundwork should a policy-change...

Food and drink prices on the rise

Prices for food and drink have risen sharply in the UK over the last year, in a sign that higher input costs are increasingly being passed down the supply chain.

Ready-meals going local, says Datamonitor

Consumer interest in eating locally-sourced produce is encouraging food manufacturers to develop ready-meals made with ingredients sourced from the same region in which the product is sold, says analyst Datamonitor.

Novozymes centralises procurement to free R&D funds

Novozymes is centralising its procurement facility in a bid to ensure transparency and consistency, and make savings that it plans to plough into more research and development.

Sarkozy threatens veto if trade talks dont suit farmers

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has reinforced his position that the outcome of trade talks must be in the interests of French farmers, and if they are not he plans to...

Cows can make skimmed milk, say scientists

Cows could be bred to produce only skimmed milk within the next five years, researchers have said, offering a new way of meeting consumer demand for lower fat dairy.

Plant extract combos boost shelf life of encapsulated oils

The shelf life of microencapsulated high oleic sunflower oil can be boosted by combining natural plant extracts like broccoli sprout, citrus and rosemary, new research suggests.

Pakistan opts for NaFeEDTA for fortification programme

Fortitech Asia Pacific has been appointed to manufacture a vitamin and mineral premix containing Akzo Nobel's Ferrazone iron for Pakistan's National Wheat Fortification Program - a contract that underscores confidence...

Fresh health fears hit benzoate in soft drinks

Common preservative sodium benzoate, widely used in soft drinks and other foods, is again at the centre of health concerns after research emerged linking it to cell damage.

Cognetas talks with AXA over Diana sale

Negotiations are underway between private-equity groups over the sale of French natural ingredients firm Diana-Ingredients, indicating a positive view of the company's potential in the marketplace.

Scientists identify potential new hydrocolloid

Scientists in Japan have identified a new source of hydrocolloid from jute (Corchorus olitorius) that may open up innovative applications for the industry.

Labour shortage breeds fear for UK strawberries

Strawberries and other seasonal fruit and veg could be left to rot in the fields this summer due to a shortage of labourers to work the harvest, the UK's National...

Weekly Comment

Press releases for the press?

In a world where getting your name out there is called branding, and branding in turn equals better market share, some companies will go to great lengths to draw attention...

UK grants 10m towards seed bank projects

The UK's Department for International Development is to invest £10m (c €14.7m) in banking seeds of essential food crops over the next four years, as part of an effort to...

Tereos and La Societe des Sucreries du Marquenterre announce alliance

French sugar giant Tereos is entering into agreements with La Societe des Sucreries du Marquenterre to counter the effects of sugar reform on its operations, including taking over the latter's...

Spinach eaters may have lower ovarian cancer risk

Burly sailors like Popeye may not be the only ones to benefits from spinach, with new research suggesting that women who eat spinach may have a lower risk of ovarian...

Soil Association mulls over ban on organics by air

The UK's Soil Association is to publish a consultation document this week that suggests a ban on labelling produce flown into the country as organic - a move that could...

Organic shortage holds back high-potential market, analyst

Europe's first Whole Foods Market is set to open in London in two weeks' time, but the vast potential of the organic market is being curtailed by a shortage of...

FSA tightens cheese hygiene rules

Cheese processors in the UK have been handed tougher guidance on hygiene, following EU claims that the country's food safety authority was not doing enough to protect consumers.

Mitsubishi Corp pulls subsidiaries into food science company

Mitsubishi Corporation is to form a new diversified food science company by amalgamating three of its subsidiaries, in order to strengthen its R&D capabilities and expand globally by combining customer...

Guarana extract shows promise as preservative additive

Extracts from the exotic fruit guarana showed excellent antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which could see the exotic berry making a move into food preservatives, new research suggests.

World's processed cereals should all be fortified, expert

In the interest of global public health the world's cereals should be fortified with iron, says the senior nutritionist of a US-based non-profit health organisation.

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