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Phytosterols market set to continue growth

Sales of phytosterols in Europe are predicted to more than double by 2012, but companies need to turn consumer awareness into understanding and acceptance, says a new report from Frost...

EC president digs heels over agriculture concessions

There is no reason for the EU to put more agricultural concessions on the table at the WTO, according to current EC president Josef Proll.

Quest develops deep freeze flavour technology

Quest has developed a unique freezing technology that it claims captures the essence of true-to-fruit flavours.

Appetising advertising linked to obesity - study

Cambridge scientists have shown that the reward centres of some peoples' brains are more sensitive to appetising food cues, and may help explain compulsive eating disorders.

Vitiva reports strong growth on rosemary extracts

Extracts firm Vitiva has reported strong first quarter results on the back of an aggressive expansion strategy.

Weekly Comment

Food industry must face its faults

The food industry must be honest if it is to convince consumers - and audiences - that it is not the corporate monster portrayed in the media.

Exotic sweet fruit concentrate gains GRAS status

A New Zealand product development company has announced that PureLo, the company's proprietary Luo Han fruit concentrate, has been affirmed as a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) food ingredient.

Scientists look at rapeseed proteins as novel ingredient

Using rapeseed proteins as ingredients in experimental sausages boosted taste and aroma of the finished product, as scientists continue the search for novel functional ingredients.

Strawberry technology boosts UK super fruit growth

The use of polytunnels has revolutionised soft fruit production in the UK, and the advantages vastly outweigh the drawbacks, according to the NFU.

Europe's biotech industry 'seriously underfunded'

The European biotechnology industry is chronically under-funded and is in danger of floundering, according to a report published today.

New Zealand pushes food products in China

New Zealand has launched a new promotion of food and beverages in upmarket Chinese retail outlets, in a bid to seek new sales in the fast-growing market.

Could micronutrients be the future of diet design?

Planning diets around key micronutrients like amino acids could be the future of diet design and a way to help the fight against obesity, says research published in Science.

Fortitech invests in oil-soluble nutrient premixes

Fortitech Europe has begun a brand new production line for oil-soluble nutrient premixes for the food and beverage industries.

Academia links with private firm to develop fermentation methods

The University of Amsterdam is teaming up with a food research firm to boost its development of novel fermentation methods.

Healthy food shows further growth in UK

The average UK citizen spends £34.31 per week on food and drink and is increasingly spending this money on healthier foods, according to a recent Defra report.

Scientists look to stabilise natural red food colour

Adding one per cent vitamin C to the natural red coloured betalains from the purple pitaya fruit boosted pigment stability, say German researchers, and could offer a viable alternative to...

Salt reduction

The politics and the science of salt reduction

The decision by Unilever to slash the salt content of its ubiquitous Pot Noodle snack underlines the current trend in the UK - but is this trend based on sound...

Salt reduction

MacGregor: Why salt reduction is vital

Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at St George's University of London, tells FoodNavigator why the salt content of food must be reduced.

Salt reduction

EuSalt: Why salt restrictions are not necessary

Robert Speiser, director of EuSalt, tells FoodNavigator why he strongly disputes the need for salt intake restriction guidelines.

Britvic's profits slump as consumers shun sugar

Soft drinks firm Britvic has issued a profit warning following a 32 per cent drop in first-half profit, as demand for sugary carbonates declines sharply.

Vietnam: the new China

Until recently China was the favourite destination for foreign retailers, but the country has slipped to fifth place as market saturation has made trading more difficult. Meanwhile the stakes have...

BASF expands crop biotech capabilities

BASF's acquisition of CropDesign, a Belgian biotech company, will help establish the German chemical giant as a leader in the development of important crop traits in corn, soy bean and...

McDonalds burger goes McMassive for World Cup

Leading fast food chain McDonalds has announced the launch of a super-sized Big Mac burger for the World Cup event, amid a flurry of opposition from food experts and MPs.

Ahold execs charged with fraud

Three ex-Ahold bosses have received suspended sentences and €670,000 worth of fines from a Dutch court this week, in Europe's largest ever executive fraud case.

Glanbia turns whey into functional, nutritional emulsifier

Modification of whey protein concentrates with high phospholipid proportions could turn standard emulsifiers into functional health promoting ingredients, results that could have important implications for the food industry.

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