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WILD extends exotics for flavoured water market

Drinks makers looking for gains in the vibrant flavoured water market could opt for new additions to WILD's exotic natural fruit range, says the German flavour firm.

Premium chocolate lifts stagnant sales in Europe, new report

Encouraging signs for chocolate makers in Western Europe as a new report suggests sales of chocolate tablets could be picking up after a dip in recent years.

Calorie quality, not quantity, for a longer life

It is not how much you eat, but what you eat that could influence life span, say UK researchers, investigating how calorie quality, not quantity, may dictate longevity, writes Lindsey...

Dairy discusses enzymatic modification

Dairy industry will focus on enzymatic modification of milk components at an upcoming event in Poland.

Monday comment

Whining about wine

France is a fading power in the world of wine. And will continue to be, until it turns its face towards a globe where consumers buy what they know.

Russia delays preferential tariff laws

A new framework to set favourable tariff quotas for certain agricultural products from certain countries has been endorsed by Russia's parliament yet rejected by the upper house, reports Chris Mercer.

Russians reject GM foods

Two thirds of Russians are against genetically modified foods and the majority of experts support a ban on GM crops as the government prepares new production laws, reports Chris Mercer.

Scientists unlock mechanism behind food poisoning from bivalves

Scientists move a step closer to understanding the food poisoning risk from mussels, oysters and clams to the consumer.

New starch could cut costs

A new potato starch launched on Friday by the Dutch starch company Avebe could help lower costs and improve baking stability in bakery creams and fruit filling products, writes Lorraine...

Rice biotech link up brings gains to Hisparroz

Ambitious rice giant Hisparroz will link up with a gene discovery firm to bring new rice varieties to market and fresh gains to the bottom line, the Spanish group has...

Green method for delivery of cheaper flavour enhancers

US chemical engineers have developed a new, cheaper approach to designing microcapsules, tiny hollow spheres, used to deliver flavour enhancers.

EBRD funds target Ukraine, Balkans, Romania

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development moved to calm investor fears over state intervention in Russia and outlined a new focus on Eastern Europe at its annual conference, reports...

Whey protein for longer shelf life and softer bars

A whey protein additive that keeps nutritional bars soft could help food makers break into what is a lucrative and highly innovative market, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Dieters go for low GI, nutritionists still wary

The glycaemic index (GI) is emerging as a new weight loss regime, despite the belief of some nutritionists that there is not enough science to demonstrate it can effectively control...

Karlshamns and Aarhus to merge?

Consolidation in food ingredients continues with Nordic fats and oil firms Aarhus United and Karlshamns set to merge, creating one of the world's leading suppliers of cocoa butter alternatives, reports...

MEPs back pro-industry amendments to health claims law

The European Parliament voted yesterday to radically modify the proposed regulation on nutrition and health claims so that food companies do not need to gain prior authorization for claims, nor...

Missed breakfasts and hectic lives drive snacks

A new report from market analyst Datamonitor reveals that UK consumers are continuing to abandon traditional sit down family meals in favour of snacks.

Risk management advice soothes food recall dangers and disasters?

Insurance is not enough to cover a food firm in the advent of an extensive product recall, says risk management firm Marsh, writes Lindsey Partos.

Cargill races into number three pectin position on Citrico deal

Hydrocolloid industry sees competition step up a gear as US ingredients firm Cargill, for the first time, buys into the pectin market through the acquisition of Citrico, reports Lindsey Partos.

Umami taste provides food technologists with 'missing link'

Umami, the fifth basic taste, falls under the spotlight as Dr. Jacqueline B. Marcus in the US discusses how understanding this inexplicable taste sensation can help food technologists increase consumer...

Chemical pollutants in food focus of EU-backed network

Europe backs further investigations into food contaminants with a network of scientists meeting to discuss chemical pollutants.

Fats and oils, new food safety risk?

Food safety focus on fats and oils as fresh data finds consumers could be open to risk from harmful toxins created through the breakdown of lipids in foods.

Cargill taps into Brazilian sugar market

Hungry food ingredients giant Cargill to enter Brazilian sugar and alcohol production sector for the first time, announcing a new deal to buy Açucareira Corona sugar mills.

Australian food agency proposes GM cotton for food code

Australian and New Zealand food agency calls on stakeholders in the food industry to comment on a range of proposed changes to its food code, including using GM cotton as...

Red Delicious apples packed with disease fighting antioxidants

Consumers and food makers looking to pack an antioxidant punch should plump for specific varieties of apples, say scientists, reports Lindsey Partos.

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