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"They are scientists performing a very difficult task, as instructed by EU law makers."

I observed the EFSA health claims panel in action; conspiracy theorists will be disappointed

Last week NutraIngredients was one of 10 organisations invited to observe the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel in action for a day at its Parma, Italy, base.

UK watchdog: 95% of online advertising is compliant

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found 95% of 120 websites assessed in various sectors including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are compliant with its code of practice.


Bombay Sapphire Master Distiller talks of 'exciting times' on line extensions for Bacardi brand

Bombay Sapphire’s new master distiller Nik Fordham tells it is an ‘exciting time’ for the Bacardi-owned spirit in terms of brand extensions, while the broader gin category is enjoying...

Discount healthy foods to improve diets, study finds

Reducing the cost of healthy foods in supermarkets and retail outlets increases the amount of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains that people eat while lowering consumption of foods with...

Genes a sign of childhood obesity risk, say scientists

Children of obese parents may have a higher risk of becoming overweight because of their genetic makeup according to new research using a novel scientific method.

German anti-trust authority clears DMK to complete private-label ice cream merger

German dairy giant Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH (DMK) has been given the regulatory go-ahead to complete its acquisition of rival German private-label ice cream manufacturer, Roseneis.

EU food and drink production flat in Q4 2012

Food and drink production in the EU remained flat in the fourth quarter of last year as some raw materials became costlier, according to data from FoodDrinkEurope.

You’re not Greek! Chobani handed UK ban on use of the term ‘Greek yogurt’

US Greek yogurt giant Chobani has been issued with a permanent injunction by the UK High Court that prevents its use of the term ‘Greek yogurt’ to market its yogurt...

Lindt loses 12-year gold bunny trademark case

Lindt & Sprüngli has lost a trademark case for its Goldbunny against Confiserie Riegelein in Germany that spanned 12 years.

Interview: Richard Werran, CEO of Cert ID Europe

India’s elephant beginning to charge towards sustainability

With over 30 years in the food industry, with a third of it spent providing and promoting food safety certification with Cert ID Europe, Richard Werran knows a fair bit...

Green for good? Green labels increase perceived healthiness of foods

The use of green colours on nutritional labels is enough to convince many consumers that food products are healthier, according to new research.

News in brief

Nestlé opens new beverage systems technlogy center in Switzerland

Nestlé has opened a new System Technology Center in Switzerland that brings together on one site the expertise it uses to combine products, capsules and machines such as those used...

Firmenich commercialise Rainforest Alliance certified vanilla

Global flavour and fragrance company Firmenich has started commercialisation of vanilla from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Madagascar, the firm says.

News in brief

Tate & Lyle expects ‘modest progress’ to year end

Global ingredients group Tate & Lyle expects to deliver modest progress in its full financial year results on 30th May this year, the firm has said.

Nestlé Deutschland will appeal ‘unjustified’ multi-million fine

Nestlé will fight to revoke a €20m fine imposed by the German cartel office for illegal exchange of competition-relevant information with other food majors including Kraft and Unilever.

We eat with our eyes: Flavor perception strongly influenced by food color, says DDW

An informal taste test with two dozen students conducted by colors expert DD Williamson underlines just how strongly our perceptions of flavor are influenced by color.

Inaugural Food Vision heralded as success by global food industry – organisers commit to return in 2014

Following a highly successful inaugural summit last week, organisers William Reed Business Media have confirmed that Food Vision will become an annual event, returning to Cannes, France, in March 2014. 


ASA-OK with us! Nestlé escapes Nesquik rap on ‘poor nutritional habits’ claim

Nestlé milkshake brand Nesquik has escaped UK Advertising Standards Authority censure after viewers of a TV ad alleged that it encouraged ‘poor nutritional habits’ among children, but the Children's Food...

‘We take this matter very seriously’: Carlsberg admits German cartel probe involvement

Carlsberg has confirmed to that it is under scrutiny as part of a wider, ongoing investigation by the German Federal Cartel Office, which also includes AB InBev.

Protein-rich breakfast prevents 'unhealthy snacking' later: Study

A protein-rich breakfast can significantly improve appetite control and help to reduce unhealthy snacking in the evening, new research says.

Research: Organic diet improves health outcomes ... in fruit flies

Fruit flies fed an organic diet have significantly better health outcomes than flies fed a non-organic diet, according to new research on the potential benefits of organic food.

Survey highlights food safety concerns

Consumers were most uneasy about animal cloning, genetic modification, irradiation, and nanotechnology among the new technologies used by the food industry, according to UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey results.

Peanut butter ‘the rising star’ in UK sweet spreads market – Mintel

The UK is demonstrating a healthy appetite for peanut butter as sales for the nutty spread have grown 20% in the last two years while jam sales have remained flat,...

NTC: ‘We have a unique, sustainable and cost effective solution to mask stevia’s licorice taste’

Geneva-based Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) has developed a ‘unique, sustainable and cost effective’ solution to significantly reduce the undesired licorice taste of stevia extracts, and bring the taste closer to...


Global obesity: ‘We want to be part of the solution, not the problem’, says SFA president

The president of the Snack Food Association (SFA) acknowledged that there are concerns about the snack industry’s role in global obesity but said healthy product development and clear communication on...

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