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News in brief

Nestle starts production at new Dubai plant

Nestle’s Middle East affiliate has started producing powdered milk, confectionery and wafer products, at its new plant in Dubai, which has a capacity of 100,000 tons a year.

Nanotech disclosure may trigger R&D exodus from UK

A measure forcing food and packaging companies to submit details of nanotechnology research to a national database could trigger an R&D exodus from the UK, the Government has warned....

Cargill Australia’s oils and fats acquisition in trouble

Cargill’s bid to buy Goodman Fielder’s edible fats and oils business looks to be scuppered by the Australian competition authorities, who say it would be an unacceptable concentration of refining...

Danone invests €10m to reorganise French production

Danone is reorganising production in France to improve facilities at its factories and give each a more specific mission.

Special edition: CSR

The ethical approach to research

Science is fundamental to the food industry, from supporting claims in the health and wellness sphere to tasting panels to evaluate a new product, but scientists can never forget the...

Will lycopene colour changes add costs, FSA asks

A consultation is underway to gauge how the lowering of maximum levels of lycopene as a food colour, under proposal by the European Commission, could impact food manufacturers.

Guest article

FSA could do better over new technologies

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the UK’s Food Standards Agency. Sue Davies, chief policy advisor at consumer group Which?, which fought for the FSA’s creation in the wake...

International negotiations over use of biodiversity continue

As negotiations over the international use of biodiversity-based products continue, concerns are voiced over what will be covered by future regulations and how they will be enforced.


Making the food industry fair for SMEs

No race should have rules that favour the strongest competitors. But unless the capabilities and interests of SMEs are taken into consideration before the starting gun is fired for new...

Sat fat and sugar guidance draws health and legal comment

The UK Food Standards Agency’s recommendations to reduce portion sizes of treat foods and soft drinks and cut sugar and saturated fat levels will help tackle obesity and health problems,...

News in brief

Lallemand Health Ingredients merges with Lal’Food

Lallemand Health Ingredients (LHI) and Lal’Food have merged in a move to benefit from synergies between the companies.

Science highlights promise of prebiotics for weight management

Prebiotic fibres may beneficially modify bacterial populations in our guts and aid weight management, with “promising effects also shown in humans”, says a new review of the science.

Spirulina faces legal questions

Spirulina, the blue colour from algae used in Nestlé’s Smarties, is one of 10 substances used to colour food that faces an uncertain future as its legal status is scrutinised.

Create Flavours launches specific tomato enhancer

Create Flavours has developed a new natural tomato enhancer, which is said to be ideally suited to supporting essential tomato notes in a range of food products.

Food addiction: Fat may rewire brain like hard drugs

Over eating may be driven by a same neurobiological mechanism in the brain as drug addition, says a new study from the US that adds clout to the theory ‘food...

New goals set for sugar and saturated fat reduction

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has unveiled its final recommendations to industry for cutting sugar and saturated fat in soft drinks, confectionery and bakery products, which includes trimming back portion...

News in brief

Commission clears Wild share sale to KKR

The European Commission has given clearance for the acquisition of shares in German flavour and ingredients firm Rudolf Wild by asset manager KKR.

New dairy infusions promise added spice

SpringThyme Oils has developed a new range of infusions that combine butter fats and oils with herbs and spices to add new flavours to dairy-based foods.

News in brief

New Zealand to merge food safety body into ministry

Plans are afoot to merge the New Zealand Food Safety Authority back into the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, 3 years after the risk assessor and risk manager were split out.

EFSA sets new DRV for carbs, fats and water

The European Food Safety Authority published new dietary reference values (DRVs) for carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, fats and water confirming proposals made last year. The final levels have drawn criticism from...

French supermarket to remove palm oil from foods

France’s Group Casino has pledged to remove palm oil from all its own brand products, starting with 200 by the end of this year, for environmental and health reasons, and...

Hydrocolloids may enhance white sauces in ready meals

Replacing modified starch with hydrocolloids like xanthan gum can enhance the textural and stability of white sauces used in ready meals, says a new study from Belgium.

Cargill starts flavour production in China

Cargill has opened a new flavour facility in China, which is expected to enable it to better address regional demand and taste in Asia in a timely fashion.

Fat types affect women’s womb health

Increased intakes of trans fats may increase a woman’s risk of endometriosis by almost 50 per cent, but omega-3s may slash the risk, says a new study from the US....

Cheaper xanthan gum driving food, beverage development

The collapse of oil well drilling means there is an excess of xanthan gum on the market, pushing prices even lower. But while suppliers are urged to differentiate to stay...

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