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Lactalis promises innovation with Croatian acquisition

Safety and innovation were on the agenda this week, when the head of French dairy group Lactalis met with the Croatian vice president to discuss the company's plans for rejuvenating...

Added benefits drive growth for Symrise flavours and nutrition

German fragrance and flavours group Symrise saw a strong increase in sales and profits for its Flavours and Nutrition Division in full year 2006, largely attributed to innovations like its...

Corn borer epidemic spurs GM growth in France

Plantations of GM corn in France in increased more than tenfold between 2005 and 2006, according to growers' association AGPM, as the European corn borer population thrived.

ARS develops steps to retain bioactives in food samples

Scientists in the US have developed a set of procedures for the extraction, preparation and preservation of food samples to be analysed for their nutrient content, in order to reduce...

Industry heavyweights push GDA labels in France

Big hitters in the food industry, including Danone, Unilever, Nestle and Coca-Cola, have announced they plan to roll out a nutrition labelling system based on Guideline Daily Amounts in France.

New enzymes help distillers cut costs

Alcoholic drinks makers could benefit from a new range of enzymes that claim to increase production at the same times as significantly reducing operating costs.

M&S sealing technique extends shelf life

A new a way to seal flexible film packaging, partially developed by a supplier to UK retailer Marks & Spencer, reduces the amount of material required and extends the shelf...

Tate & Lyle teams up with Eridania for Italian sugar supply

Tate & Lyle and Italian sugar producer Eridania Sadam have formed a joint venture for the marketing and sales of all sugar products to the Italian market, seen as an...

Another Indian company moves in on sucralose

An Indian pharmaceutical firm has completed a new sucralose facility and is ready to begin production of the popular sweetener, using what it claims to be a non patent-infringing process.

Beef-fertility study seeks to raise awareness of chemicals in meat

A study from the US has raised the hackles of the meat industry by reporting a link between male fertility and their mother's high beef consumption during pregnancy - an...

Vitiva extends pate shelf-life with SyneRox formulation

Slovenian plant extract supplier Vitiva is extending its line of SyneRox 4 rosemary-based ingredients with an oil-based formulation aimed at extending the shelf life of high-fat meat products such as...

Frutarom buys Belmay, becomes UK flavour leader

Frutarom has signed an agreement to acquire flavours firm Belmay - a strategic move said to position it as the leader in UK flavours and bolster its global position in...

Givaudan forges agreement to build healthy TasteSolutions

Flavours giant Givaudan has entered into a research and licensing agreement with taste technology developer Redpoint Bio Corp, which is expected to build the company's TasteSolutions programme for health and...

Super Gum 'wows' as delivery system for food

The modified gum arabic product 'Super Gum' could stabilise water-in-oil-in-water emulsions, opening up opportunities for fat reduction and novel encapsulation, researchers from New Zealand have reported.

Researchers develop new nut allergen test

A research laboratory has developed new tests that enable processors to identify pine nuts and chestnuts in food, which could help protect consumers with allergies.

FSA launches saturated fat consultation

The UK's Food Standards Agency has launched a three-month consultation on ways to reduce saturated fat in the diet and make healthy eating easier.

DSM talks vitamin quality with Quali-C brand

DSM Nutritional Products is emphasising quality as the crucial point of differentiation between the vitamin C it produces in the green hills of Scotland - now known as Quali-C -...

Organic kiwis healthier than non-organic?

The nutritional profile of kiwi fruit grown organically is healthier than conventionally grown fruit, American researchers have reported.

FAO builds presence in Eastern Europe

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is expanding its presence in Hungary with the establishment of two new offices and a deal with the government to contribute to projects...

Sweetener study shows no cancer link in humans

An epidemiological study in Italy concluded that there is no indication of an association between sweetener consumption and cancer risk - findings that lend some support to EFSA's conclusions on...

Expanding EU offers growth opportunities to food makers

Consumers in countries that have recently joined the EU are adopting Western tastes and eating habits, and could represent new growth opportunities for Western European and US food companies, says...

Weekly Comment

Swallow your tongue

Fluffy language is increasingly clogging up the information air passages, and the food and drink industry must accept blame like everyone else.

Codex labelling committee to discuss GM, organics

The agenda for the 35th meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling includes items on two of the most emotive issues for consumers and industry - genetically modified foods...

How processors are coping with trans fat changes

A survey of three large food manufacturers have found that they were among those who moved fast to change their processing methods and ingredients to offset the consumer and regulatory...

Citrus pigment waste could offer cheap sweeteners for industry

Researchers in Italy have developed a process to produce high purity sugars from citrus processing waste that could offer natural and inexpensive sweeteners for the food and beverage industries.

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