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Aarhus sell off likely in April

The sale of Danish cocoa butter replacer Aarhus United is 'taking longer than anticipated' with news today that the majority stakeholder is still waiting to confirm a buyer, Lindsey Partos...

Bunge spears Russian edible oils market with first plant

Spearing opportunities in the emerging Russian oil market, US edible oils giant Bunge has signed off €54 million to build its first sunflower seed crushing and refining plant in Russia,...

Lack of understanding holds back RFID adoption

A perceived lack of standards and an unrealistic understanding of cost implications are still hindering the adoption of RFID technology amongst many UK organisations, according to a panel of experts...

Sudan 1:UK MPs urge for ingredient inquiry

A harbinger of potential costs for the food industry, UK members of parliament have called for a 'speedy' investigation into events that led to the contamination of the food chain...

Food dehydration method keeps quality but cuts cost

Norwegian researchers have developed a new dehydration method that produces granulated food of the quality of vacuum freezing-dying at a fraction of the cost, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Mannitol method to slash price for low cal sugar replacer?

A new method that uses powerful enzymes to convert fructose and sucrose into the low calorie sugar alcohol mannitol receives patent protection, opening up cheaper sources for this chewing gum...

Excise hike threatens Romanian luxury producers

Romanian luxury products and beer producers say their survival is threatened by the increase of the production and utilities excises in the build up to the country's new Fiscal Code,...

Russia moves to cut hard cheese imports

Russia draws the wrath of the dairy exporting community, after imposing a duty hike of more than 100 per cent on hard cheese imports, Tom Armitage reports.

Innovation needed for Russian retail space shortage

A shortage of fresh retail space and growing environmental concern in Russia present opportunities for innovative food storage and display unit suppliers, as Italian firm Arneg has shown, reports Angela...

Western food makers source Chinese organic ingredients

Food makers sourcing organic ingredients from the West are gradually turning to China as the ambitious country makes strides in organic production, reports Lindsey Partos.

EU states call for acrylamide research update

Member states have called for more information and full presentation of findings on acrylamide, a harmful chemical identified in baked and fried foods, reports Lindsey Partos.

Utility key to leverage for food brands?

As food brands wrestle for leading market positions new research suggests the consumer will be tempted by, and differentiate between, brands that add 'utility'.

Brussels calls for risk analysis on GM ingredients

GM ingredients highlighted again on the Brussels agenda with the Commission calling for a risk assessment of the impact genetically modified foodstuffs might have on human health.

Splenda sales boost trading at Tate & Lyle

Tate and Lyle said today that overall trading had continued to be strong during the last three months boosted by demand for its high intensity sweetener Splenda.

Grain surplus threatens to disturb EU market

A bumper harvest across Eastern Europe has forced the European Commission to intervene, buying up and moving large amounts of surplus stocks to prevent a Europe-wide market disturbance, reports Chris...

New golden rice has 20 times more beta-carotene

UK scientists have developed a new genetically modified strain of golden rice that is said to produce 23 times more beta-carotene than the previous variety, reports Dominique Patton.

Brit to head Ocean Spray's health drive

Ocean Spray said yesterday that it had chosen a Brit to help give the company a healthier profile, appointing Geoffrey Woolford as vice president of research and development.

Sudan 1 contamination expands in UK food chain

One month on, UK food watchdog extends the already massive recall of food products contaminated by the illegal, red food dye sudan 1.

Bravo sees success from female-friendly drinks

Bravo Premium, the Russian drinks group, is celebrating the success of its Milano brand, which it claims is the first pre-mixed alcoholic drink on the Russian market to be created...

TIC Gums brings new xanthan gum product to market

Hydrocolloid supplier TIC Gums has launched a product designed to help xanthan gum dissolve more easily in water, writes Philippa Nuttall.

Cargill stake in European food business expands

US food ingredients firm Cargill takes a larger stake in the European food and drink landscape as Brussels paves the way for its purchase of Italian farm commodity firm Pagnan,...

EU struggles to control grain surplus

A bumper harvest across Eastern Europe has forced the European Commission to intervene, buying up and moving large amounts of surplus stocks to prevent Europe-wide market disturbance, reports Chris Mercer.

Bolt on buys boost Frutarom year end

Ambitious Israeli flavours firm Frutarom benefits from recent acquisitions as year end figures show 40 per cent boost in sales.

Taste, and choice, of food moulded as a baby

The foods that children, and later adults, choose are linked to taste profiles set at a very early age, suggest new findings from the UK, reports Lindsey Partos.

Consolidation in wine brings opportunities for yeast

With largeness comes a greater exposure to risk and wineries are no exception: aiming to help producers achieve greater consistency, Danish ingredients firm Chr Hansen has created blended yeasts, writes...

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