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Cranberry waste may lead to alternative ingredients

Cranberry pomace, a by-product of the juicing process, may be extruded to produce a range of polyphenol-rich ingredients for use in supplements or functional foods, says a new study.

Soft drink portion depends on how it's served

Consumers’ view of soft drink portion size depends on whether they are drinking out of a glass or a can, research indicates, but as long as the energy per portion...

News in brief

Yorkshire rhubarb protected in Europe

Rhubarb farmers in the north of England are to celebrating after their rhubarb, grown using a method developed specially for the region’s soil, is granted protected status.

NSFI reaches Algerian SMEs with new distribution deal

The emergence of more small to medium size food manufacturers in Algeria has led National Starch Food Innovation (NSFI) to appoint a local distributor, so it can better meet their...

Wheat fractions enable cheaper, clean label tomato sauce

Kampffmeyer has developed a new clean label binding system for tomato sauce, which it says removes the need for modified starch and reduces the amount of tomato needed.

Consumer use and understanding at heart of labelling debate

As food and beverage products have taken Guidance Daily Amount (GDA) labelling around Europe, awareness and understanding has been increasing, according to Coca-Cola. But debate over the best format for...

Boiling shrimp could cut shellfish allergy - study

Boiling shrimps for 10 minutes could reduce the chemical that triggers allergic reactions to seafood, according to new research.

FSA sets out new food science strategy

Now a decade old, the UK’s Food Standards Agency is counting its achievements and scoping out new challenges ahead. It has set out a new strategy for science and evidence,...

EFSA to hold May health claims summit

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will host a May summit at its Italian headquarters that will provide a rare opportunity for direct dialogue between stakeholders and the agency’s health...

Trans-fat harm may extend to women’s stroke risk: Study

High intakes of trans-fatty acids, an enfant terrible of the food industry, may increase the risk of stroke in post-menopausal women by 30 per cent, says a new study.

Special edition: Kids' Food

How characters can help children eat healthily

From Disney to Tony the Tiger, consumer groups have been campaigning hard to break the links between childhood icons and unhealthy foods. But furry friends and super-heroes are now putting...

News in brief

BBC prompts Unilever palm oil action

Unilever has stopped accepting palm oil from an Indonesian planter after a damning BBC documentary showing rainforest clearing, according to the Indonesian Palm Oil Board.

CSM predicts narrowing of bakery ingredient supplier base

Dutch bakery ingredients supplier CSM, in releasing its 2009 full year results, said it saw more consolidation in the industry with the expected narrower supplier base leading to synergy savings...

Nutrition bright for DSM; pharma benefits from flu vaccines

After a period of de-stocking in the first half of 2009, DSM’s nutrition business has weathered the economic slump well; pharma, too, picked up speed towards the end of the...

UK introduces voluntary COOL code for pork

A new country of origin labelling (COOL) code of practice for pork introduced in the UK yesterday will benefit meat processors, producers and consumers, said one industry body.

Romanian industry fears junk food black market and fraud

The Romanian food industry association Romalimenta Federation believes the proposed junk food tax will boost the black market and stimulate fiscal fraud, and in the worst case could harm food...

News in brief

New rumours of Danisco takeover

Danish financial newspaper Borsen has fuelled new speculation that Danisco could be ripe for a takeover, after publishing remarks from analysts.

Special edition: Kids' food

Giving children the best nutritional start

With childhood obesity rates apparently sky rocketing around the world, celebrity chefs redesigning school meals, and international initiatives to influence what our children eat, now is an interesting time for...

Scotland mulls cooperation and regulation to curb obesity

The Scottish government is proposing a series of actions to reduce consumption of energy-dense foods as part of a bid to curb obesity in the country, and has not ruled...

Public health approval for Romanian food tax plan

The Romanian initiative to levy a tax on unhealthy food and beverage products has garnered new support in Brussels, with public health activitists and politicians hailing it as a model...


Banning energy drinks is a doomed shot in the dark

Energy shot drinks have come under fire from German authorities which are employing an old-school prohibition logic that history has repeatedly dunce-hatted.

Danisco doubles freeze-dried cultures capacity at French plant

Danisco has doubled its freeze-drying capacity at Dangé-Saint-Romain, France, to support growing demand for ripening and protective cultures.

Kerry strategy seeks to ease market pressures

Kerry Ingredients and Flavours’ new unified strategy to doing business across all its divisions can help manufacturers rise market challenges and tough competition, says its strategic marketing chief.

'Game changing' high pressure processing system launched

A game changing high pressure processing (HPP) system makes improved food safety technology more affordable and responds to the growing trend for preservative-free products, said manufacturer Avure Technologies.

UK food sector ripe for science jobs, survey

New opportunities for food scientists are expected to open up in 2010, according to a recruitment specialist, as the sector has weathered the recession relatively well and is taken advantage...

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