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Study finds one size fits all when dieting

Fad diets that focus on protein, fat or carbohydrate content are all the same when it comes to losing weight as a reduced-calorie diet can be successful no matter what...

Enhanced microencapsulation for probiotic strains reported

Double encapsulation of bacterial strains with potential probiotic activity may enhance the shelf-life and offer protection against harsh stomach conditions, says a new study.

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Arla dissatisfied with 2008 results

Arla has reported profits of DKK 556m for 2008 – DKK 350m below budget – due to pressure on the milk market from the economic crisis.

Contracts hamper CSM response to price changes

Ingredient firms may lack flexibility in the face of fluctuating raw material prices, which can leave them lumbered with contracts at prices less favourable than spot market prices.

Sustainability Roundtable to reduce green label overload

The priority of the new Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Roundtable is to reduce the confusing array of different labels and statements appearing on food packages but fostering agreement on...

Acrylamide not linked to breast cancer in women: Study

Dietary intakes of acrylamide are not related to increased risks of breast cancer, says a new study from Harvard.

Chaucer sees freeze dried future for snacks, nutrition

Chaucer Foods is seeking to extend the use of freeze dried ingredients into new snack and nutraceutical concepts, leveraging the technology’s ability to preserve flavour, colour and nutrient content in...

Heart study may raise pressure to cut acrylamide levels in snacks

Too much snacking on potato chips may increase the risk of hardening of the arteries, and raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, says a joint Polish-Swedish study.

Scientific roadmap needed to tackle food insecurity

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) said it s to publish a list of priorities to tackle the challenges of delivering sustainable food security and the scientific advances...

Climate change makes seeds ‘crown jewels’ of diversity

Crop and climate experts are emphasising the need for crop diversity to protect food security in the face of climate change, as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault celebrates its first...

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Barentz to distribute for Ashland in Netherlands

Barentz is to distribute Ashland’s food ingredients in The Netherlands as of April 1, building on a relationship between the two firms in other industries.

Barry Callebaut welcomes new cocoa anti-depressant link

Barry Callebaut is a step closer to boasting about the antidepressant properties of cocoa on its product labels after a study funded by the company found that it could...

Givaudan unveils sensory approach to salt reduction ingredients

Flavour giant Givaudan is using new sensory validation techniques to measure how salt impacts on aspects of taste, and is using this as the basis for new ingredients.

Amino acids against acrylamide – choice is critical for effects: Study

Using amino acids to compete with, and reduce, the sources of acrylamide should focus on the common additive cysteine, according to results from Belgium.

Kerry steps up Eastern European presence in Dera deal

Kerry has agreed to the acquisition of the savoury flavourings business Dera Holding NV in order to pursue its drive into markets in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Banana proposal 3 years too late for Latin America

A new EU proposal to lower tariffs that Latin American banana producers have to pay looks set to be rejected, as a better deal was proposed last July but subsequently...

New alternatives to modified starches and fats target dairy desserts

UK-based ingredients supplier Ulrick and Short has extended its range of starches and fat replacers for use in dairy desserts, custards and fruit compotes.

Brussels quells fears from German bakers on salt levels

The Commission is not prohibiting any bread and has no intention to regulate the salt level in bread, says EU spokesperson in a bid to stem reports that German bread...

Half of all consumers ignore food labels

About half of consumers never read the nutrition label before purchasing pre-packaged food, according to a new survey which adds weight to the Guidline Daily Amounts (GDA’s) debate.

Mushroom extract shows promise for meat preservative

An extract from the edible mushroom Flammulina velutipes may prolong the shelf-life of tuna meat, while also stabilising the colour of the meat, suggests new research from Japan.

ABF trading update shows sugar and ingredients growth

The sugar and ingredients divisions of Associated British Foods (ABF) are expected to show good growth backed favourable foreign exchange rates when its interim results are announced in April.

Find time for tea to slash stroke risk: Study

Drinking three or more cups of green or black tea a day may reduce the risk of stroke by 21 per cent, says new research from UCLA.


Turning the key on new food technologies

Consumer concerns about a synthetic growth hormone used in milk production have prompted two leading food producers in the United States – General Mills and Dannon – to reformulate...

More work needed on organic legislation says EU agriculture head

Mariann Fischer Boel, member of the European Commission responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development, said the organic food sector needs the support of good legislation, which would help build...

Carotenoids from annatto, paprika may reduce off-flavours in emulsions

Extracts from paprika, annatto and marigold, rich in antioxidant carotenoids, could significantly reduce the spoilage due to oxygen of model oil-in-water emulsions, says new research from Greece.

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