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Health and wellness drives Givaudan R&D

Progress in novel foods, with particular focus on the health and wellness trend, is fuelling Givaudan's R&D programme, into which it reinvests 10 per cent of its annual sales.

Court says nein to German parmesan claims

Whether you call it parmesan or "Parmigiano Reggiano" the famous hard cheese must now come from a specific area of Italy, the European Court of Justice has ruled this week....

Scientists review acrylamide-reduction advances

Increasing demand for preventing the formation of harmful acrylamide in foods has spurred researchers to conduct a review of the various methods available to formulators.

Pectin-stabilised oil bodies to offer pre-emulsified oil

Using pectin to coat naturally occurring soybean oil bodies could lead to stabilisation of the oil bodies and open up new opportunities for the food industry, suggests new research.

Chr Hansen taps into dairy-free demand

Ingredients maker Chr Hansen has developed dairy-free fermentation cultures, which cater to the growing consumer demand for dairy alternatives.

Online guide presents Danisco cost-cutting solutions

Danisco has launched an online guide for food manufacturers in search of ingredients solutions to limit the impact of soaring raw material prices.

Taste is a matter of survival, not just pleasure

A new primer on human taste perception underscores the importance of this primal sense in life experience and gives an insight into the link between the taste of certain nutrients...

Formulation boost for phytosterol in yoghurts

Incorporating heart healthy phytosterols in yoghurt formulations does not negatively impact on the starter cultures, potentially boosting their use in these foods, says new research.

Vitiva proffers rosemary solution to sausage rancidity

Vitiva is launching a new addition to its Vivox range of rosemary-derived preservatives, aimed at preventing fresh merguez and chipolata sausages from becoming rancid.

Enzymes designed to improve berry juice use

A new range of enzymes is designed to improve the juice volume and vitamin yield of blackcurrants for beverage use, in order to maximise the benefits of the superfruits, its...

Sugar companies may face compulsory quota cuts

The European Commission may have to enforce compulsory final sugar quota cuts of 1.16m tones in 2010 with no compensation, as current renunciations fall below targets.

Sea buckthorn berries could join natural preservative club

Extracts from the up-and-coming fruit sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides) could inhibit the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in processed meats, boosting shelf life, suggests new research.

CIAA outlines priorities to Slovenia presidency

The Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of Europe (CIAA) has issued a memorandum outlining the industry's hopes and priorities for Slovenia's six months in the EU presidency.

European nutrient profiling may exempt key food groups

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has indicated key functional food groups may be exempt from potentially draconian nutrient profiling regulations being debated within the European Union and due to...

High management turnover is unsustainable, report warns

Directors of leading UK food companies are staying in their jobs for about a year as the industry shifts from long-term vision management to quick fix solutions, a report has...

Soybean hulls to cut fat uptake from doughnuts

Adding micro-particulated soybeans hulls to a doughnut formulation may reduce the uptake of fat by the consumer after deep-fat frying, suggests new research.

EC not phased by 20,000-plus health claims

The European Commission insists it is on track with the process of tabulating the thousands of health claim petitions submitted to it by member states and European trade organisations, but...

France suspects industry of fiddling food prices

French prime minister Francois Fillon has pledged to weed out food companies that are using current high commodity prices as an excuse to boost their own margins, even if they...

Ulrick & Short develops new natural starch from waxy corn

Ulrick & Short is launching a new Synergie starch for use in clean-label products formulated using cold systems, like dairy desserts and cold beverages, in place of modified starch.

Kerry's careful strategy overcomes cost increases

Collaboration with customers, cautious pricing, a simplified structure and innovation all helped Kerry Ingredients achieve profit increases despite soaring raw material costs.

Weekly Comment

Supplements - do we ask too much?

Taking a range of supplements from vitamin A to zinc is becoming part of everyday life. But as the latest study is published questioning their efficacy, people could be left...

ABF's ingredients focus, expansions and costs

ABF's ingredients division is reaping the rewards of a focus on core ingredients and expansion to meet demand, despite the impact of costs in dairy proteins.

Less concern over salt, fat and food safety, says UK survey

The latest consumer survey conducted by the UK's Food Standards Agency points to a drop in concern about salt and fat levels in foods, which the agency says reinforces the...

Row over 'deceptive' fruit flavours

A debate on flavourings has erupted over a report from a consumer pressure group that claims fruit flavourings mislead consumers into believing they contain actual fruit extract.

Unwanted coffee beans offer natural preservatives

Low-grade coffee beans - known to adversely affect the quality of the beverage - may offer extracts with antioxidant potential to extend the shelf-life of food products, suggests new research...

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