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Parmalat Hungary for sale

Parmalat Hungary has confirmed that the division is to be put up for sale and that it is now undergoing due diligence from prospective buyers.

Kraft Romania pledges investment

Having recently announced a large-scale withdrawal from the Hungarian market, Kraft Foods has reaffirmed its commitment to the Romanian market, by confirming a series of future investments in its division...

EU funds beckon in accession

Although demand for EU-backed SAPARD funds in Poland is now said to be exceeding total budget, the European Commission says it will continue to support all food and beverage companies...

GM labelling courts controversy

Canada is set to publish its first voluntary standards for labelling food free of genetically modified ingredients. But a number of food processors say that the rules are so badly...

Monsanto sees seeds and traits growth

Despite the recent EU ruling against its GM Maize crops, Monsanto has said that it is expecting the continued development of its seeds and traits business will drive its mid-term...

Low carb gum

US-based TIC Gums has launched a pre-hydrated gum arabic which it claims is a low carbohydrate solution for the growing snack and energy bars sector.

Diet foods unlikely to tempt Germans

Almost one in four (23 per cent) German adults admits to often skipping meals to keep their weight down - a massive 17.5 million people. But according to a new...

Czech this out

Organisers of the international food fair Salima 2004 claim that exhibitor numbers are up on for the bi-annual event, to be held in Brno, southern Moravia, from 2-5 March

Distribution costs rise, but efficiency improves

Retailers' distribution costs in the UK have risen slightly over the last year, but stock levels have been reduced and supply chains are becoming more efficient, according to the latest...

Soy prices to see relief in 2004?

The price of soy ingredients could ease in the next twelve months for manufacturers and processors as the US government predicts farmers, on the back of rising soybean prices, will...

Retailers do their bit on salt reduction

Food retailers in the UK this week committed to a programme aimed at reducing salt levels in their own label processed foods such as soups, pizzas and ready meals.

Omega 3 impact overestimated?

Both alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids may reduce onset of depression in cancer patients, suggest Japanese reasearchers. But investigations into the different omega-3 fats, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosapentaenoic acid,...

Scientists overturn accepted theory of disease

The current thinking that oxygen free radicals are responsible for the development of numerous diseases, including cancer and arthritis, may be a red herring, says a team of UK scientists.

Strategy pays off for confectionery firm

The dominance of the multiple retailers in the UK has had a devastating effect on the specialist retail sector there, with the massive buying power of the major chains allowing...

Get keen on green!

Products displayed in green point-of-sale (POS) positions have a much better chance of catching the eye and ending up in consumers' shopping trolleys, according to new research due to be...

Croatia set for food agency

Croatia is about to get its own food agency, which will work alongside the EFSA to bring the former Yugoslavian state in line with EU food safety regulations ahead of...

Partnerships for growth: the 'Two-Buck Chuck' phenomenon

Brand building is vital for the success of any product, and in today's increasingly cutthroat grocery business it can mean the difference between long-term growth and short-term failure.

Baby boom hits Sweden

Producers of baby products and baby food can expect an improvement in their business the coming years in Sweden, reports Food Oresund.

ISP extends cellulose ingredients range

US alginate producer International Specialty Products (ISP) will take on a new range of cellulose ingredients after shaking hands on a deal with Tawainese manufacturer Mingtai Chemical.

China opens GM market on approval for soy from Monsanto

The biggest potential consumer market in the world has flung open the doors to GM foodstuffs. Approving a handful of biotech soybeans and corn from US biotech giant Monsanto, China's...

Cereal and fruit top of the fibre list for heart health

Eating just 10 grammes of dietary fibre from fruits and cereals each day appears to significantly lower the risk of coronary heart disease, according to a new study out this...

Added value pays off for Kerry

Driving hard into value added ingredients has paid off for Irish food group Kerry as the company faces off tougher currency exposure in 2003 to see a steady rise in...

Kid's bones drink up milk

The link between milk and bone health forms the focus of a new study on children that showed a regular glass of the white stuff can prevent fractures.

Can we really limit gene flow?

If one day in the near future Europe does decide to clear the way for the planting of GM crops in the soil of the EU25, there is one point...

Sweet is the 'whey' to go in eastern Europe

Countdown to the integration of 10 new member states in Europe this April begins under the aegis of the Irish presidency. For manufacturers, a clear understanding of the marketplace in...

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