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Public consultation ends April 30

FSA wants clear rules for raw milk

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is proposing to clarify rules for selling unpasteurized, or raw, milk and cream. 

Pesticide toxicity vastly understated, claims new Séralini study

Major pesticides are more toxic to humans than their declared active principles, according to a new study by divisive French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini.

Most important meal of the day? Bad breakfast in youth linked to metabolic syndrome in adulthood

Consumption of a poor breakfast during youth and development may programme an adult life of increased risks of metabolic syndrome, according to new research.

Yildiz sells yeast unit for €162m

Turkish food group Yildiz Holding has sold its yeast unit Dosu Maya to French firm Le Saffre for €162m.

RBS Group pumps £33M into KTC Edibles

RBS Group has provided £33M worth of funding to help boost UK fats and oils firm KTC Edibles’ organic expansion plans.

Pretty packaging beats McDonald's wrappers

The aesthetics of food packaging is as important as branding to pre-school children, according to a University of Calgary study.

Special Edition: Plant-based diets

The Vegetarian Butcher: 'Next generation' meat substitutes ripe for expansion

Production of a new generation of plant based meat substitutes that look, feel and taste just like meat has been a long time coming, but now one Dutch firm believes...

Special Edition: Plant-based diets

Beyond meat substitutes: What’s hot in vegetarian food?

Vegetarians aren’t necessarily looking for alternative proteins or meat analogues, and makers of meat-free meals are embracing a range of trendy flavours and ingredients, says Classic Cuisine’s new product development...

FAO: Better crop genebanks mean better food security

The FAO wants to improve standards across the world’s genebanks to improve the conservation of crop diversity which in turn means securing resilient global food supplies.

Children and chocolate: The sweet industry's bitter side

NGOs say human trafficking and child labor remain deep-seated problems of the cocoa industry as a Nestlé, ADM and Cargill court case stirs up old supply chain concerns.

When you say NGO, they say conflict of interest?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) decision to grant NGO status to a malnutrition-battling business alliance raised eyebrows this week, so what do organisations have to do to gain and keep...

Unilever, Symrise and GIZ partnership to support vanilla farmers in Madagascar

A new partnership aims to 'drive positive change' for farmers and rural communities that rely on vanilla farming whilst securing future vanilla supplies.

EU food fraud promises slammed one year after horse meat

Food fraud measures from the European Commission after the horse meat scandal have ‘changed nothing on the ground’, according to a consumer group.

Special edition: Gluten-free

The lowdown on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and celebrity wheat-bashing: In conversation with Dr Alessio Fasano

We know that almost a third of the population has a genetic predisposition to celiac disease, in that they have particular versions (DQ2 or DQ8) of a cellular receptor called...

Research consortium unveils oil-free emulsion technology for low-fat foods

A European research cooperation led by NIZO has developed a new emulsion technology based on water-soluble ingredients that could replace oil and water emulsions for low fat food applications.

Pesticide exposure may be linked to Alzheimer's disease: Study

Exposure to the pesticide DDT may be associated with the risk and severity of Alzheimer's disease, according to new data.

African nutrition programmes must focus on prevention not treatment, warn researchers

Nutrition programmes must shift from the idea of treatment to one of prevention if they are to  meet African needs, according to new EU-backed research.

BNF school nutrition report marks "room for improvement"

Although some progression has been made, there remains considerable room for improvement in the diets of British schoolchildren, according to a report from the British Nutrition Foundation.  

Special edition: Plant-based diets

Step aside soy! We’re having neatballs for dinner…

“This isn't meat,” said Phil Lapp’s nine-year-old daughter Morgan after wolfing down some home-made meat-free tacos one evening in 2011. “This is neat”.

Blood money: World Bank found lacking in palm oil investment review

An internal report on the World Bank’s multimillion dollar loan to a palm oil company embroiled in human rights allegations has concluded that the investment bank should have been more...

Chobani gets Fage fright, loses ‘Greek Yogurt’ appeal

Chobani today failed in its attempt to overturn an injunction imposed by bitter rival Fage that stops it using the term ‘Greek yogurt’ to market products in England and Wales.

Aerated foods could help increase satiety: Study

Increasing the amount of air in a foods by creating highly aerated products could help to increase satiety and reduce intake, according to new research.

The circle of snacks: Chip waste to biogas is viable, says Naturally Homegrown Foods

Potato chip waste converted into biogas to fuel production is a viable, eco-friendly waste reduction plan that other snack makers should consider, says the president of Naturally Homegrown Foods.

Campden BRI oils up to stop food fraud

Campden BRI is to start testing the authenticity of olive oil imported into the UK.

Covance opens first EU nutritional chemistry and food safety lab

Covance is to open its first nutritional chemistry and food safety laboratory in Europe to be closer to customers.

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