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Clean label pea and potato starches developed by Emsland

Emsland Group has developed a new range of clean label potato and pea starches that can be used in a range of food applications in place of modified starch.

Nestlé France aims to boost fibre in kids’ cereals

A new nutritional charter initiated by Cereal Partners France - a joint venture between Nestlé Cereals France and General Mills - reflects French government targets and pledges to boost fibre...

Olam to acquire UK confectionery fats supplier BFI

Singapore based Olam International is to acquire UK confectionery fats supplier Britannia Food Ingredients (BFI) along with a logistic services component for £33.5m ($50m)

Study reveals the foaming properties of gluten protein

The foaming properties of gliadin – a gluten forming glycoprotein – may be affected by the pH of food systems, as well as the concentration of salt.

Irish small food and beverage firms predict strong growth

The prospect of boosting business with new and existing customers is behind a mood of optimism among Ireland’s small-scale food and beverage firms, according to the latest industry survey conducted...

Tate & Lyle potentially vulnerable to Cargill takeover bid, M&A expert

Tate & Lyle could be vulnerable to a takeover by an industry rival such as Cargill, according to a lawyer specialising in food industry mergers and acquisitions.

Supply restrictions send licorice prices soaring

Licorice prices are surging as a combination of factors restrict supply from China, the world’s largest producer.

European local food logo, professionalised local food systems proposed

A new European logo for local foods could help consumers identify products sold a short distance from their place of origin, says the Dutch regional councillor behind an opinion on...

EC policy change on sugar could bring relief for bakers

The European Commission, in a policy about face, said it may open the import quota or allow the sale of out-of-quota sugar into the bloc - a move that would...

Study begins to unlock the development of child taste preferences

Children’s knowledge and consumption of fast food has a significant impact on their palate and preference for foods that are high in added sugars, salt and fats, according to new...

Relief for organic meat industry as EC calls off nitrate ban

Major players in Europe’s organic meat industry have expressed relief after the European Commission (EC) chose not to ban the use of nitrates and nitrites for curing products.

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Cargill completes Sorini take-over

Cargill has completed its buy out of a majority share in Indonesian sorbitol producer Sorini, which positions it to take greater advantages of sweetener and starch demand in emerging markets...

Clean label method developed for salt reduction in cheese and meat

Scientists at Nizo food research have worked with Vion Food group and FrieslandCampina to develop a natural method of reducing salt levels in cheese and meat products.

EHL Ingredients opens new premises

EHL Ingredients has just moved to new UK premises that it says will expand its storage facilities and improve the efficiency of its blending and repacking processes.

Wild gains Toothfriendly approval for Sunwin Stevia

Wild has obtained “Toothfriendly” certification for its Sunwin Stevia product – the first stevia ingredient to obtain the endorsement.

EU sugar supply deficit threatens Irish industry, says trade group

The deficit in the EU sugar supply could put production at risk for confectioners and other food and drink industry users of the commodity if market intervention does not occur,...

Jardox savours £1m factory investment

Savoury ingredient supplier Jardox has completed a £1 million factory upgrade project that has doubled its production capacity.

WHO highlights governments’ role in curbing unhealthy advertising

Governments should play a more active role in curbing the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages high in saturated fat, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt to children, warns the...

Tasteless odours can ‘trick’ senses in reduced salt foods: Study

A new study has added to previous evidence that certain odours can give consumers a positive taste impression of reduced sodium foods by drawing on consumers’ memory of foods perceived...

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FAO warns against knee-jerk food policy

 Countries should carefully examine the potential implications of any policy actions intended to tackle high food prices, as they may make matters worse in the long term, the FAO is...

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PepsiCo gains Russian approval for Wimm-Bill-Dann deal

PepsiCo has received all the necessary regulatory approvals from the Russian authorities required to close its acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann.

Nutrionix brings salt replacer R&D in-house

Nutrionix has opened its first R&D centre for its salt replacement product Ksalt, which will allow it to work more closely with food manufacturers to develop lower salt formulations. ...

Packaging group Stora Enso forced to pay workers €21m

Food industry packaging supplier Stora Enso will record a €21m negative non-recurring item (NRI) in its fourth quarter operating profits following a court decision over the company’s non-payment of rewards...

Low calorie sweetener may not increase satiety, suggests study

Oral ingestion of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose may not increase levels of satiety inducing hormones that are released when sugars are ingested, according to new research.

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Dairy UK prepares for nutrition and sustainability conference

Dairy UK is hosting a conference next week with speakers from inside and outside the industry to explore the impact of dairy on sustainability, nutrition and the environment.

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