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Chocolate taps consumer health concerns

The results of a consumer survey on healthy chocolate suggests that the substance once considered solely as a sweet confectionery item has made huge strides towards the realm of health...

CSM expands global bakery ingredient reach

Dutch firm CSM has acquired ADM's North American bakery ingredients division in a move designed to increase the company's global reach.

UK research casts doubt on environmental claims

A UK-government research study on the environmental impacts of food production casts doubt on commonly held opinions, such as claims that organics are greener than conventionally-grown produce or that preserved...

UK food retailers 'committed to removing trans fats'

A voluntary commitment by British Retail Consortium (BRC) members to eliminate industrially added trans-fats represents a major change of gear in the battle to make processed food products healthier.

Salt Awareness Week: has progress been made?

Salt Awareness Week has reignited debate in the UK over how much success the food industry has had in reducing salt in processed food.

DSM publishes fungus genome to help R&D into enzymes

Netherlands-based DSM has announced the publication of the full genome for the fungus Aspergillus niger used to produce a range of enzymes and other compounds for the food industry.

Novozymes continues food enzyme market growth

Novozymes's strong performance in 2006 continues the enzyme firm's impressive growth in a tight marketplace.

Whey protein gel particles - the future of probiotic encapsulation?

Encapsulation of probiotics in whey protein gel particles could offer protection during processing and storage, as well as extending the food applications of the bacteria to biscuits, vegetable and frozen...

EC moves to withdraw quota sugar from market

The European Commission took the first steps towards a substantial withdrawal of quota sugar from the market this week.

FSA seeking opinions on two novel ingredients

The UK Food Standard Agency's expert advisory committee on novel foods is consulting on draft opinions on applications on the substantial equivalence of two novel ingredients.

Weekly comment

Deja Moo: Are we ready for cloned cattle?

Here we go again. Yet another technology in its infancy is likely to be introduced into the food supply, while industry remains cautious and consumers divided.

Nestlé cuts cereal salt levels

Cereal manufacturer Nestle has announced it is to cut the salt content of one of its leading brands by 15 per cent, appeasing health-conscious consumers and giving the product a...

CASH survey shows progress in UK salt reduction

UK food formulators and manufacturers should be applauded for their progress on salt reduction, say the findings of a survey from the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

More fat linked to less weight in kids study

Higher intake of fats is associated with lower body weight, says new research from Sweden that offers an alternative side to the role of fat intake in the rise of...

British kids are highest spenders on confectionery, sodas

Children in the UK spend more on confectionery and fizzy drinks than any of their European counterparts, according to the latest report by market researcher Datamonitor.

Danisco hits sugar targets

Danish sugar producer Danisco announced yesterday it had met its 2006/07 output forecast - processing 1.01m tonnes of sugar from the group's factories throughout Europe.

An economic alternative to pure pectin?

A French company has developed what it claims are two economic alternatives to pure pectin.

EU farmers losing out in biotech revolution

European farmers are lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of access to agricultural biotechnology, according to the president of the European Federation of Biotechnology.

FAO proposals to protect commercial food

The FAO has proposed a series of changes to the management of international food aid in order to protect commercial food exports.

Low fat peanut flour promises better texture

Low fat varieties of peanut flour - a common ingredient in many baked goods - can improve food texture and efficiency during the baking process.

EU to vote on widespread obesity action plan

The European Parliament is next month set to vote on a report that calls obesity a "European epidemic" and proposes that all countries implement certain measures to combat the growing...

CSM sells weak French division

Ingredients firm CSM is to jettison part of its French subsidiary, Délices de la Tour, after a disappointing performance from the speciality bread maker.

Low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents not a problem, says EFSA

The presence of low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents like carrageenans and alginates does not pose a threat to human health, the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) has reported.

Scientists consider cyclodextrins as resveratrol carriers

Encapsulating resveratrol, the red wine polyphenol reported to have heart health benefits, in beta-cyclodextrin could increase the polyphenols availability, says new research.

Fischer Boel rejects EU milk quotas

Signs that EU milk quotas have outlived their usefulness grew stronger this week after the bloc's agriculture commissioner openly criticised the system in front of industry officials.

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