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Common sense doesn't necessarily need clinical trials.

I've seen it for myself. Someone is on a diet and skips breakfast deliberately, feeling very pious. They get hunger pangs mid morning and feel they deserve a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar. Then wonder why they are always on a diet and never seem to lose weight.
I do agree that targeting "realistic" weight losses of a few pounds is a waste of time. You need to decide the target weight you want to be and then go for it...keep visualising yourself at the new weight. I also agree that eating or exercising a little more or a little less each day will not necessarily lead to any weight gain or loss in the long term. The body is not will adjust metabolism accordingly. Thus people on a diet may feel too tired to exercise or exercising may make them more hungry, upsetting adherence to the diet or exercise regime. Also, in people who normally overeat, they may be passing a lot of calories out in the stools, not necessarily absorbing them and turning them all into fat. Therefore they may still be absorbing the same calories even when they eat less. This may also explain why someone who chronically overeats may not necessarily keep gaining weight.

Posted by chris aylmer
14 February 2013 | 01h22

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