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Crop Diversity

I have yet to see any advocates for GMO crops address the issue of diminished diversity. Any of the seed crops - notable in the US being corn, soy and wheat, are cross fertilized via wind, insects, a birds.

The fact is that seed crops everywhere all adapt to the micro climate in which they are grown and this creates increased yield and allows farmers to select and save seed fo heartier species. They use of GM seed and it's subsequent cross pollination flattens this particular spike of adaptation.

The Irish potato famine is a great example of the negative side effects of reducing the gene pool.

GM crops appear to be a road to the destruction of the very successful and efficient role of "survival of the fittest". It make no sense to reduce the number of sensibly evolved seeds normally created by the millions of farmers and unknown numbers of micro climates and unique soils world wide. Nor does it make sense to allow a couple of companies to control the food supply.

Bottom line - It is not about feeding people or "science", it is about making money.

Science can be used for all sorts of things - GM seeds are not the best use of science or of scientific brains.

Posted by Gay Timmons
07 February 2013 | 15h53

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