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Adverse health effects

I'm opposed to unlabeled GM foods, because I have adverse health reactions to them. Severe stomach pains, among other serious reactions. I've had to avoid them for many years, and were getting sick from GM foods, before I even knew they existed. I have Celiac, food and environmental allergies, so it may not be too surprising that I can't tolerate the adulterated GM foods. However, my husband has never had allergies or intolerances, but has been getting reactions from eating some products that contain GMOs. Canola oil gives him giant hives, every time he eats foods that have even trace amounts. So, for those of us who have allergies or intolerance to GMOs, our concerns should not be dismissed, or ignored. GMOs are certainly not safe for everyone. Considering the amount of people who have already become allergic to corn and soy, and the allergies to them and others are skyrocketing at an alarming rate, perhaps GMOs are not safe for anyone. Add to that, the amount of people with serious stomach and digestive issues. Nobody seems to see a pattern there? Don't look, don't find, I guess.

Posted by DJ
04 February 2013 | 19h23

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