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The question that comes up for me is that of knowledge. I would like to know if the food that I am buying contains or is made from GMO. We need to be able to make a choice. Whether that choice is rational or not, whether that choice is scientifically based or not, if I don't want to purchase or eat something made from or containing GMOs, that's my choice. I don't know why the companies who generate GMOs would want us, the public, not to know and to disallow us to make that choice and also to lie about the cost to the farmer. As usual it seems to be a matter of profit for the company. They know that the public in general, right or wrong, doesn't want to eat GMOs but they have chosen to withhold the information from the public and the heck with what the public wants to do or wants to know.

Posted by Carlo Silvestri
04 February 2013 | 18h23

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