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End McCarbthyism

TO Lori who posted the comment on the Mayo clinic study: what makes you think all carbohydrates are created equal? Are jellybeans and poptarts the same as rice, pasta, potatoes. beans, and lentils? THe current carbphobic craze that is sweeping Western nations is comical considering that Asia has lived off of white rice for centuries while remaining lean. It is not until the infiltration of fast-food from the West did obesity and type-2 diabetes begin to become a problem. Sure trans fats are bad, but any diet rich in fat is bad. Ever hear of the glucose-fatty acid cycle? A diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates sets yourself up for insulin resistance. People may want to hear that they can eat all the fat they want, but it is not a nutritionally sound message and your representation of the Mayo CLinic study is misleading. The Mayo Clinic does not promote a low-carb diet. What the study basically says is junk food like doughnuts and fast food is associated with cognitive decline. Read the actual study.

Posted by Mark
04 November 2012 | 03h53

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