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Stevia without plants? We won’t rule it out – but it’s not what consumers want right now, says PureCircle

Stevia sweeteners can now be developed through fermentation – rather than extraction from stevia plants – but it is the plant-based message that is most important to consumers, according to...

Wrigley files patent for ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies

Mars-owned Wrigley is attempting to patent a method to produce ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies using erythritol.

What's a bored, hypoglycemic lawyer to do? Start a natural label, low sugar ice cream company, of course!

For Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of premium ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery, life had become too sweet and too sour at the same time.  A dissatisfaction with his...


'Relight my (Cola) Fire?' FDA approves PureCircle Reb D stevia

The US FDA has issued a ‘No Objection’ GRAS letter allowing beverage manufacturers to use Pure Circle’s high-purity Reb D stevia to sweeten US products, a move that could reignite...

Biocatalysts develops microbial alternative to papain

Welsh enzyme company Biocatalysts Ltd has developed a new enzyme as an alternative to papain, a papaya extract, which avoids susceptibility to seasonal price variations.

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Missed Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013? Listen again free, on-demand

Is it a safer bet to say 'Made with natural ingredients' than 'All-natural' on pack? Are consumers in the UK and the US looking for different cues on a label...

Snapshot: China

Dirty ingredients prompt more Chinese to opt for clean labels

It is no coincidence that China is leading the way across the Asia-Pacific region by moving towards natural foods. With the country’s industry sullied by an ever-evolving tale of lax...

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

The term ‘natural’ has been used to mean so many things that it means less all the time, except as a starting point for class action lawsuits.  But tell consumers...

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural flavors: Consumer purchasing habits don’t always reflect their preferences, but natural flavors are still growing

Consumer preference for natural flavors - seen in market research data – does not always translate into product purchasing, but the future still looks very rosy for natural flavors, say...

What do ‘natural’ and ‘clean label’ mean anyway?

Market researchers tell us that consumers are seeking ‘natural’ products more than ever – and ingredient suppliers have responded by providing ways to ‘clean up’ product labels – but what...


Cleaner than clean: When natural is not enough

It’s boom time for makers of natural ingredients, from colours to flavours to hydrocolloids…or is it? Despite widespread demand for all things natural, some ‘natural’ ingredients still aren’t acceptable to...

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013

Natural colors: In conversation with LycoRed on why tomatoes trump bugs and beets

If you’re looking for a natural red food color, carmine can deliver. It’s vibrant, but stable, and prices have recently returned from the stratosphere after hikes in 2010/11. The only...

FAO asks: Could quinoa become a worldwide staple?

Quinoa’s relatively high price compared to staple grains may restrict consumption to health-conscious consumers in high-income countries for now – but it could play an important role in food security...

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013

Where do your products sit in the clean label hierarchy?

If it sounds like a ‘chemical’, or isn’t in the kitchen cupboard, shoppers may regard it with suspicion. But which ingredients are 'acceptable' to today's consumers, which are to be...

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013: How clean is your label? And can GMOs ever belong in 'natural' products?

Recent data from Symphony Consulting (click here ), shows that while US retail sales of products making ‘natural’ claims still grew in 2012, the pace of that growth slowed noticeably compared...

Naturex introduces cold-processed 100% fruit and vegetable powders

Naturex has introduced a range of 100% fruit and vegetable powders produced through a low-temperature spray drying process that better preserves flavour, colour and nutrition.


Galactic targets improved food security with expanded natural preservative range

Lactic acid and lactates specialist Galactic has expanded its range of ingredients for food preservation with an eye on companies looking for innovative natural ways to improve food security, the...


‘Health, Environment, Choice’ hold sway in soft drinks: Zenith International

Health, the environment and consumer choice are the three main issues facing today’s soft drinks industry, according to InnoBev Global Beverages Congress 2013 organizer Zenith International.

Study hails eco-friendly synthetic colour test

Scientists have outlined an eco-friendly test for certain synthetic food colours commonly used in soft drinks and sugar and gelatin-based confectionery.


Cargill suffers bitter erythritol blow: EFSA rejects beverage use extension

Cargill has failed in its second attempt to secure EU approval for use of bulk sweetener erythritol in soft drinks, after EFSA published a negative opinion relating to its introduction...

Natural halal colours gaining ground in the Middle East, says Sensient

Sensient is making inroads in the Middle Eastern market with a full range of natural, halal-certified colours, the company says.

It’s Great When You’re Sweet…Yeah: Sensient unveils Black Grape flavor

Sensient Technologies claims that high sugar prices mean beverage brands are looking for alternative sweeteners, as it launches eight new flavors targeted at the beverage industry.

Stevia extracts – without agriculture? Evolva and Cargill join forces on fermentation-derived extracts

Swiss firm Evolva Holding has partnered with Cargill to develop and commercialise stevia extracts derived from a fermentation process, rather than through traditional extraction from the stevia plant.

Global report on food colours

Clean label trend helps drive natural colours to overtake synthetics

Natural colours have overtaken their synthetic counterparts for the first time ever, and the trend towards clean label products is one of the key drivers according to new data from...

Natural antifungals from sourdough have food potential: Researchers

Powerful antifungal compounds produced from linoleic acid found in bread flour are the key reason for sourdough bread’s mould resistant properties, and have potential to be used in a host...

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