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Naturex and Galactic to co-develop natural preservation systems

Naturex and Galactic have partnered on a research project to develop a range of natural preservation systems for anti-microbial and antioxidant protection.

Clean label isn't as big as industry thinks, says DuPont

Demonization of ingredients and a lack of consumer understanding has fueled clean label, but it remains niche among a small group of consumers, DuPont Nutrition & Health says. 

Natural ingredients are getting better - but it's still a developing area

Switching to natural ingredients often requires companies to go back to the formulation drawing board, but there have been some big improvements, according to head of food innovation at Leatherhead...

News in brief

Naturex growth slows in third quarter on currency pressures

Naturex has reported slower growth in the third quarter, mainly due to currency fluctuations, although revenue for the first nine months was still up 8.7% compared to the same period...

Bunge: Consumer concerns on hydrogenation prompted R&D

Bunge has developed a patented trans-free bakery shortening without the hydrogenation process in reaction to consumer concern over ‘hydrogenated’ oils on the label, its innovation director says.

Innovation at FIE: New product sneak preview

The FIE show is set to open its doors in just a couple of weeks, bringing together more than 1,300 suppliers - so what are the hottest new products to...

CP Kelco invests a further €8m to expand pectin production in Denmark

Hydrocolloids firm CP Kelco has said it will invest a further 60m Danish krone (€8m) to expand its facility in Lille Skensved, Denmark, on the back of increased demand for...

Cargill cultivates carrageenan supply chain

Cargill says it is diversifying its carrageenans portfolio in both location and species to combat the associated supply risks of the texturing ingredient derived from seaweed.

Big Interview

Chr. Hansen CEO: “It is more evolution than revolution – we don’t need revolution”

Chr. Hansen CEO Cees de Jong talks with FoodNavigator about his vision for corporate evolution, with a definite emphasis on emerging markets – without neglecting the company’s European roots.


LycoRed promises juice brands ‘significant’ beta-carotene cost saving

Lycored claims its new Lyc-O-Beta Intense coloring system will bring significant cost savings for producers of beverages such as orange juice, and says US interest in such natural colors is...

Love for organic, or hate of conventional: What drives consumer choice?

As consumer demand for local and organic products grow, new research asks whether it a love for these characteristics or a hate for 'conventional' food is driving purchases.

Natural ingredients top challenges in Döhler's open innovation platform

Döhler has launched an open innovation platform, including funding and equity options for those with truly innovative ideas who may be lacking the cash to bring them to life.

An alternative to crushed bugs? Chr. Hansen explores producing carmine via controlled fermentation process

Natural colors expert Chr. Hansen has been exploring whether it is commercially viable to produce carmine - a natural red food color currently made from crushed cochineal insects - via...

Fermented sugar preservative responds to clean label demands, says Corbion Purac

Corbion Purac has introduced a clean label preservative that can be listed as ‘fermented sugar’ on ingredient panels.

What makes sourdough any more "real" than other breads?

September is set to be the month of sourdough in the UK, with The Real Bread Campaign gearing up for Britain’s first national celebration of the bread. But what makes...

The wait is over for a natural blue! FDA approves spirulina as food color in US as Mars petition gets green light

The FDA’s decision to give the thumbs up to spirulina  as a source of blue color in candy and gum finally gives US firms a natural alternative to artificial FD&C Blue #1...

Stevia without plants? We won’t rule it out – but it’s not what consumers want right now, says PureCircle

Stevia sweeteners can now be developed through fermentation – rather than extraction from stevia plants – but it is the plant-based message that is most important to consumers, according to...

Wrigley files patent for ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies

Mars-owned Wrigley is attempting to patent a method to produce ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies using erythritol.

What's a bored, hypoglycemic lawyer to do? Start a natural label, low sugar ice cream company, of course!

For Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of premium ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery, life had become too sweet and too sour at the same time.  A dissatisfaction with his...


'Relight my (Cola) Fire?' FDA approves PureCircle Reb D stevia

The US FDA has issued a ‘No Objection’ GRAS letter allowing beverage manufacturers to use Pure Circle’s high-purity Reb D stevia to sweeten US products, a move that could reignite...

Biocatalysts develops microbial alternative to papain

Welsh enzyme company Biocatalysts Ltd has developed a new enzyme as an alternative to papain, a papaya extract, which avoids susceptibility to seasonal price variations.

News in brief

Missed Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013? Listen again free, on-demand

Is it a safer bet to say 'Made with natural ingredients' than 'All-natural' on pack? Are consumers in the UK and the US looking for different cues on a label...

Snapshot: China

Dirty ingredients prompt more Chinese to opt for clean labels

It is no coincidence that China is leading the way across the Asia-Pacific region by moving towards natural foods. With the country’s industry sullied by an ever-evolving tale of lax...

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

The term ‘natural’ has been used to mean so many things that it means less all the time, except as a starting point for class action lawsuits.  But tell consumers...

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural flavors: Consumer purchasing habits don’t always reflect their preferences, but natural flavors are still growing

Consumer preference for natural flavors - seen in market research data – does not always translate into product purchasing, but the future still looks very rosy for natural flavors, say...