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German sugar companies fined €280m for price fixing

Germany’s three largest sugar companies, Sudzucker, Pfeiffer & Langen, and Nordzucker have been fined a total of €280m for price fixing by the German competition authorities.

UN strategy: A sustainable and inclusive food economy

Businesses must commit to building, supporting and operating agriculture systems that provide enough food and proper nutrition for every person on the planet, according to a UN Global Compact review....

Europeans may be 'ready to buy and cook' insects, finds Belgian study

There is a good chance that consumption of insects can be introduced to the food habits of Western European populations, according to new research that found Belgian consumers were 'ready...

Alternative snack protein: “Hybrid” meat wins over insects, lentils and seaweed

Locusts, lentils, seaweed or “hybrid” meat? Researchers have found that consumers prefer the thought of non-specified meat substitute snacks over those containing insects or seaweed. 

Children and chocolate: The sweet industry's bitter side

NGOs say human trafficking and child labor remain deep-seated problems of the cocoa industry as a Nestlé, ADM and Cargill court case stirs up old supply chain concerns.

Leatherhead: The future consumer is savvy and sceptical

The coming year will see a more sceptical consumer who demands greater traceability, sustainability and honesty on pack, according to a Leatherhead analyst.

ABF growth dampened by sugar price drop

Plunging world sugar prices hampered sales growth for Associated British Foods (ABF) in the first quarter of its current financial year, but its Twinings and Allied Bakeries brands delivered strong...

EU agrees rules to curb food speculation

The European Commission has agreed new rules to curb speculation in food commodities, in order to avoid a repeat of the global food price spikes seen in 2008.

Dutch top Oxfam’s global food index

The Dutch have the highest quality, most affordable food in the world while the UK ranks among the worst for affordability in Western Europe, according to Oxfam’s new global food index....

Isoglucose may take a third of EU sugar market

Isoglucose may take up to 30% of the current European sugar market after quotas are removed in 2017, according to a new report.

Higher meat and dairy prices offset lower cereal prices in 2013: FAO

Global food prices are high but have fallen slightly since last year, with higher meat and dairy prices offsetting declines in cereals, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s food...

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Bye-bye black box: Could ‘radical transparency’ transform the food industry?

Lack of transparency in blended ingredients is harming trust in the food industry – but there is another way, says president and CEO of Premium Blendhub, Henrik Stamm Kristensen.


Looking back on 2013: How did we do with last year’s predictions?

Before we take out our crystal balls in January and look ahead to 2014, let’s take a moment to ask, how accurate was our forecast for the past year? FoodNavigator...

Guar gum prices likely to plummet on ‘huge’ crop

Hydrocolloids expert Dennis Seisun has just returned from his third annual visit to Jodhpur in India to check on the guar crop there, and reports “in a nutshell, a huge crop...

Tight raw material supply driving up hydrocolloids prices

Tight supply of raw materials is affecting many hydrocolloids and prices are likely to rise as a result, according to hydrocolloids expert Dennis Seisun.

FiE video: Almond Board of California talks global supply and demand

The Almond Board of California talks pollination, global supply and Chinese demand at this year’s FiE event in Frankfurt.

Beneo chief: ‘It is the duty of the food industry to offer healthy solutions'

With the World Health Organization just last week calling on the food industry to do more to improve global nutrition levels, the new(ish) chief of European ingredients giant Beneo says...

Sugar prices drive FAO food price index rise

Sugar price increases have led to the first rise in the global food price index since April, but food commodity markets are becoming less volatile, according to the Food and...

DSM profits rise 27% but nutrition space ‘sluggish’ as omega-3 bites

DSM has delivered a Q3 increase in EBITDA earnings of 27% across all its divisions despite “headwinds” like the ongoing economic flatline in Europe and elsewhere, challenging currency movements and rising ingredient...

Taxing sugary drinks could reduce UK obesity, claim researchers

A 20% tax on sugary soft drinks could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by 1.3%, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.


25% of Brits eat less meat than last year: Survey

A quarter of British people say they eat less meat than a year ago and values surrounding meat-eating habits are changing too, according to a survey.

Yantai Andre Pectin increases pectin prices on raw material shortage

Yantai Andre Pectin has increased its pectin prices by 10-20% across all markets, after citrus peel and apple pomace supply has dwindled.

Nestlé nine-month sales growth below full-year target

Nestlé organic sales growth slowed to 4.4% in the first nine months of the year, compared to 6.1% in the same period last year, hit by weaker demand from emerging...

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European regulators authorise modified gum arabic as food additive

US hydrocolloids firm TIC Gums has received European approval for its modified gum arabic emulsifier, to create higher oil products.

Using maths to make the most of bees for improved food production

Global food production and bees are closely interrelated – but optimising how honeybees pollinate food crops could help improve yields, despite declining populations.

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