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Beneo chief: ‘It is the duty of the food industry to offer healthy solutions'

With the World Health Organization just last week calling on the food industry to do more to improve global nutrition levels, the new(ish) chief of European ingredients giant Beneo says...

Sugar prices drive FAO food price index rise

Sugar price increases have led to the first rise in the global food price index since April, but food commodity markets are becoming less volatile, according to the Food and...

DSM profits rise 27% but nutrition space ‘sluggish’ as omega-3 bites

DSM has delivered a Q3 increase in EBITDA earnings of 27% across all its divisions despite “headwinds” like the ongoing economic flatline in Europe and elsewhere, challenging currency movements and rising ingredient...

Taxing sugary drinks could reduce UK obesity, claim researchers

A 20% tax on sugary soft drinks could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by 1.3%, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.


25% of Brits eat less meat than last year: Survey

A quarter of British people say they eat less meat than a year ago and values surrounding meat-eating habits are changing too, according to a survey.

Yantai Andre Pectin increases pectin prices on raw material shortage

Yantai Andre Pectin has increased its pectin prices by 10-20% across all markets, after citrus peel and apple pomace supply has dwindled.

Nestlé nine-month sales growth below full-year target

Nestlé organic sales growth slowed to 4.4% in the first nine months of the year, compared to 6.1% in the same period last year, hit by weaker demand from emerging...

News in brief

European regulators authorise modified gum arabic as food additive

US hydrocolloids firm TIC Gums has received European approval for its modified gum arabic emulsifier, to create higher oil products.

Using maths to make the most of bees for improved food production

Global food production and bees are closely interrelated – but optimising how honeybees pollinate food crops could help improve yields, despite declining populations.

Chocolate bar prices climb 25% in past year as cocoa deficit deepens: Mintec

Soaring cocoa butter prices have upped the cost of chocolate bar manufacture in Europe by 25% in the past 12 months, according to commodity analysts Mintec, which claims the cocoa...

Indonesian palm oil: Rising stocks, dropping prices

Record palm oil stocks from Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer, could mean a price drop for the food ingredient.

Bitter sweet: Rising dark chocolate consumption drives up price

Rising dark chocolate consumption is driving up prices, according to data from Euromonitor International, with China, Switzerland and the US having the highest retail value.

Big interview: Josh Tetrick, founder and CEO, Hampton Creek Foods

Plant egg entrepreneur: ‘We’re not in business just to sell products to vegans in Northern California’

Egg replacers have been around for years, acknowledges the entrepreneur who has persuaded everyone from Bill Gates to the co-founder of PayPal to part with some serious cash to fund...

Vegetable oil prices rest on EU biofuel vote

Wednesday’s vote by the European parliament on proposed limits for biofuels has the power to determine future prices of food stuffs like vegetable oil, according to a report by the...

Enough cocoa for chocolate makers this year but price hike looms: ICCO

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) has slightly reduced its cocoa deficit forecast for the current crop year and says there are ample stocks for chocolate manufacturers, but a deficit next...

Will European sugar users switch to isoglucose when quotas end?

The success of isoglucose in the EU largely depends on whether food and drink companies decide to make the switch from sugar, says managing director of the European Starch Industry...

Emerging markets boost Unilever’s profits

Unilever has said that new products and emerging markets have helped lift its second quarter sales, although it warned of continuing economic challenges.

Tate & Lyle meeting profit targets despite 4% US soft drink slide

Tate & Lyle CEO Javed Ahmed says earning and profit forecasts are intact – “mid single digit growth” – despite an unseasonably cold spring that has contributed to an annual drop of...

Food promotions failing across Europe

Food promotions are failing across Europe, as austerity-hit consumers are cutting back on non-essential products and sticking to shopping lists, says market research organisation Symphony IRI.

Danone Dumex cuts Chinese infant formula prices by up to 20%

Dumex – Danone’s infant nutrition business in Asia – has announced plans to reduce the price of its infant formula products in China by up to 20% in response to...

Emerging markets and outsourcing deals spur Barry Callebaut volume growth

Cocoa and chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has reported 8.2% volume growth in the nine months to May, on the back of outsourcing deals and strong interest from bakeries, restaurants and...

Subsidies on healthy foods work to increase consumption

Subsidies are effective at promoting healthier food and beverage choices, according to a new review published in Public Health Nutrition.

Food prices higher in Norway than anywhere else in Europe

Food is more expensive in Scandinavia and Switzerland than anywhere else in Europe – with Norway topping the list, according to new data from Eurostat.

EU reaches deal on CAP reform

European institutions reached a deal on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Wednesday, including a compromise that will end sugar quotas by 2017.

Maple Leaf Foods CEO: ‘A global food strategy must meet the needs of the many, not just the affluent few’

Blanket opposition to genetically modified crops is “a morally unacceptable position to take on the basis of unsubstantiated suspicions and fears”, according to the boss of Toronto-based firm Maple Leaf...