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EU food and drink production flat in Q4 2012

Food and drink production in the EU remained flat in the fourth quarter of last year as some raw materials became costlier, according to data from FoodDrinkEurope.

Malty without the malt: Symrise maltless beverage targets Middle East market

Alcohol-free malt beverages are big business in the Middle East and there were plenty of varieties on show at Gulfood last week. Symrise brewmaster and category development manager Wilhelm Resanovic...

Abolishing sugar quotas would quash competition, says ASSUC

European sugar traders have come out in support of continued sugar quotas to encourage a more competitive sugar market, according to trade association ASSUC (European Association of Sugar Traders).

EC approves animal meal in fish food

The European Commission (EC) has approved the use of pork and poultry meal for fish feed, flying in the face of UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommendations.

CIUS ‘disappointed’ by EC out-of-quota sugar measures

The European Sugar Users Association (CIUS) has criticised the European Commission’s out-of-quota sugar measures which it claims have left sugar users unable to plan ahead.

Sugar users ‘disappointed’ by agriculture committee vote to keep sugar quotas

Sugar users were dealt a blow on sugar quota reform yesterday, after the European agriculture committee voted to extend the current system to 2020, rejecting a proposal to end quotas by 2015.

Agricultural markets ‘undervaluing risk’, says Rabobank

The supply and demand balance remains highly uncertain for most agri-commodities – but this is not reflected in futures prices, according to a new report from Rabobank.

FAO food price index falls 7% in 2012, calms food crisis fears

Food prices are likely to remain high during 2013 but fell 7% over the past year, calming fears of a renewed food price crisis, according to the UN’s Food and...

Too much food can kill you? Overeating and obesity now a bigger global problem than lack of food

Chronic diseases linked to obesity and overconsumption of food are now a bigger global healthcare burden than illness and disease caused by malnutrition, according to the most comprehensive disease report...

Food makers turn to natural antioxidant blends to manage price spikes

Food manufacturers looking to extend shelf life with natural antioxidants have started using blended ingredients in an effort to deal with spiralling raw material costs, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Collaborate to deal with high food prices, urges PwC

Greater collaboration along the food and drink supply chain from supplier to retailer could help manage ongoing price volatility, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Guar gum buyers aren’t buying, sellers aren’t selling: Industry expert

Guar gum prices have dropped a long way from peaks of $20 to $25 a kilo – but there is now a standoff between buyers and sellers, according to hydrocolloids...

World Bank warns of a ‘new norm’ of high food prices

High and volatile food prices are on track to become the ‘new normal’, according to the World Bank, which has urged action to support sustainable agriculture, nutrition programmes and safety...

Sugar Update

EU greets added sugar supplies as US confectioners row with producers

Sugar users in the EU have welcomed plans to release more sugar to the market, while counterparts in the US have condemned the sugar lobby for allegedly exaggerating available supplies.

Mühlenchemie eyes improved pasta from low quality wheat

Flour improvement specialist Mühlenchemie has introduced a new enzyme compound to improve the quality of pasta made from both hard and soft wheat.

Gelatine price increases continue at Rousselot

Rousselot has said it plans to increase gelatine prices 7% up to low double digit levels for 2013 as continued growth in demand has not been met by raw material supply.

French Senate rejects palm oil tax

The French Senate rejected its so-called ‘Nutella tax’ on Thursday, which aimed to quadruple the tax on palm oil, a key ingredient in the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

European tomato paste users look to US market

US-produced organic tomato paste could be a cost-effective alternative to European sources, now that US organic certification has been recognised in the EU, according to a global supplier.

Guest article

Will self-regulation be enough to beat the fat tax?

The much debated launch of a consistent ‘front-of-pack’ nutrition label is currently the talk of the food manufacturing and retail industry, writes Ian Pickett, joint founder of specialist recruitment agency...

Resource efficiency set to rise in prominence

Resource efficiency will be even more crucial for the food industry in the coming year as it fights to prevent production costs from being passed on to consumers.

SymphonyIRI asks: Is there a ceiling to private label growth?

Ongoing economic turbulence in Europe could have a lasting effect on consumer attitudes to brands and private label products, according to new research into the private label sector from SymphonyIRI.

DuPont raises global hydrocolloids prices 10 to 15%

DuPont Nutrition & Health has said it would increase prices globally across its DuPont Danisco hydrocolloids range by an average of 10 to 15%, citing increases in raw material, energy...

Israel dairy import increase unlikely despite duties cut - Rabobank

The influx of Western brands into the Israeli dairy market is unlikely, despite government plans to reduce long-standing import duties on milk-based products, Rabobank has claimed.

Manufacturer price pressures continue as FAO food price index rises

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) food price index rose in September, up 1.4% from its August level, putting further pressure on manufacturers to pass on increased costs.

EP committee votes to curb food commodity trading to tackle price spikes

A European Parliament committee has voted to limit ultra-fast computerised trading on food commodity and energy markets in an effort to curb the kind of speculation that contributed to food...

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