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Food prices

Food prices

With memories of peak prices in 2007-8 still vivid, manufacturers must keep a close watch on commodity markets. Sudden shifts can have a massive, overnight impact on costs - and worsen food insecurity in developing countries.

Sugar tax divides the industry, campaigners claim

The UK’s food and drink industry might not be as fiercely opposed to a tax on sugary beverages as industry representatives claim, according to a new survey.

dispatches from HiE 2016

Teff: The next ‘ancient grain’ to make nutrition ripples?

The success of chia and quinoa has opened the door for other less-known ancient grains, but one South African company exporting teff is wary of a boom and bust effect.

Decline in promotional activity is good news for manufacturers, says IRI

The first serious pause in price promotions in the UK could be good news for manufacturers across Europe, stemming a rising trend that will allow more investment for new product...

Carbon price would result in food costs rising 3%

A global carbon price is “unlikely” to cause major shifts in consumption patterns between foods, but supply chains could be decarbonised if more companies looked to incentivise reductions upstream, according to a...

Animal welfare logos: Putting a premium price on what should be a legal minimum?

Denmark unveiled its voluntary logo for animal welfare last month and Germany looks set to launch its own. But should a high standard of welfare not be the legal minimum...

The photo-fermented combination: Allmicroalgae scales-up microalgae production

Portuguese supplier Allmicroalgae has taken calls to scale up production of microalgae to heart, with a project to combine big-volume fermentation with high-value photosynthesis methods now in swing.

EU still tops Britain's export ambitions - but it is looking further afield

The UK's action plan to increase post-Brexit exports over the next five years sets its sights on China, India, the US and Latin America - but it wants to see...

Warning sounded on this year’s olive oil harvest

An olive oil expert has warned the 2016/17 harvest will be ‘much worse’ compared to last year.


Origin labelling: A step towards transparency - or worrying form of ‘gastronationalism’?

Calls for mandatory country of origin labelling (COOL) are growing louder in Europe and supporters say it will restore trust, provide transparency and help consumers support local producers if they...

Study finds UK packaged food sales have declined steadily throughout past decade

Has UK packaged food gone past its sell-by date?

Packaged food sales in the UK have reached their lowest growth rate in a decade due to an increase in discounter stores, innovation fatigue, and an increase in eating out...

Fighting food waste with the right price discount

Selling wonky vegetables or a dented tin on tomatoes at a discount can help reduce food waste - but the price reduction must be aligned with the product and its...


Your thoughts on Trump's triumph: From 'authoritarian tactics' to 'a thriving business environment'

Brash, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is America's president elect. While some FoodNavigator readers foresee "authoritarian tactics" from "an unpredictable man" others are looking forward to "a thriving business environment" for the US and Europe. ...

Guest article

Brexit bites, or the price of a low pound

What will the impact of rising food prices in post-Brexit Britain be on manufacturers, retailers and consumers? Food and drink solicitor at Gordons law firm Mark Jones takes a closer look. ...

Mislabelled fish could be the sustainable choice, especially in cases of fraud - but there's a catch

Deliberate cases of seafood mislabelling often substitute cheaper (and more plentiful) species for ones that are overfished. So is fish fraud a sustainable choice for stretched fish stocks?


What will a Trump presidency mean for Europe's food industry?

Europe woke up this morning to news that business mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump is the elected president of the USA. So what does this mean for its food industry and your business?...

More Brexit price rises for UK shoppers

Nomad and PepsiCo will raise the prices of some products in the UK citing Brexit-induced currency changes.


What now for climate change & food?

The climate change agreement struck in Paris a year ago entered into force on Friday. Some 55 countries representing 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the accord and...

Taxation could have big impact on future chocolate sales

Many countries are considering or have implemented taxes on high calorie, fat or sugar products in recent years, which could have a significant impact on chocolate sales, according to Euromonitor.

News in brief

Tunisian olive oil industry boosted by €5m loan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will loan €5m to Tunisia’s olive oil producers to support the sector’s development and bolster economic growth.

Gulfood Manufacturing 2016

Gulfood exhibitors will have a close eye on sustainable solutions

Companies must embrace sustainability as a long-term business value, especially in the Middle East, as global trends move towards fast-shifting trading patterns in the F&B industry. 

Forced labour in food industry: ‘Progress has been slow’ says report

Large food manufacturers are not doing enough to tackle forced labour, a report has found, as vulnerabilities in supply chains means workers are amongst the poorest paid and most exploited.

Halloween horror: yogurt drives growth as chocolate confectionery declines

While trick or treaters this Halloween might be anticipating bags full of the traditional chocolate, gum and candy, according to the latest research from Euromonitor International, these ‘treats’ have seen...

CETA trade deal signed while opposition remains

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been agreed between the European Union and Canada.

IOP welcomes more investment to underpin £28bn food industry

As the UK’s relationship with the EU evolves, the Institute of Physics (IOP) has called on the UK government to make the food industry a priority to remain economically competitive....

Scottish aquaculture industry launches €4bn growth plan

Scotland's biggest aquaculture players have come together to launch an ambitious growth strategy that aims to double the economic power of the industry to £3.6 billion (€4.02bn) by 2030.

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