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Flavour, colour and caramel manufacturer, METAROM is recognized for its 50 years experience. METAROM sells 5000 products in more than 70 countries. Whatever activities (dairy products, beverages, confectionery, savoury ...), METAROM has a solution for every need, whatever form the customer requests : liquid, emulsion or powder forms. METAROM's expertise and creativity are shown in an almost unlimited range of flavours, natural ones and specialities (vanilla flavours, brown flavours, fruit flavours, savoury flavours, spice or herb extracts, organic vanilla flavours, organic lemon flavours, organic orange flavours...). 
METAROM offers a wide range of caramels (for fillings, toppings, caramel syrups and flavoured caramels). METAROM is also colours manufacturer and a blending expert with a wide range of colours for the food and beverage industry.

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