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AarhusKarlshamn develops and manufactures vegetable oils and fats adapted to customers requirements.
 AarhusKarlshamn supplies speciality fats for chocolate and confectionery, dairy products, margarine, bakery and baby food.
 Low and non trans fats are available for all applications.
 The group clearly concentrating its activities on the international market, has three different production units: in Sweden, The Netherlands and in the UK, supporting our world wide sales activities.

  • chocolate and confectionery
  • cocoa butter equivalents
  • cocoa butter replacers
  • cocoa butter substitutes
  • filling fats
  • ice cream coatings
  • dairy fat alternatives
  • cheese
  • cream
  • spreads and butter blends
  • ice creamBakery
  • pumpable shortenings
  • margarines
  • infant food blends
  • frying fats
  • high oleic oils
  • nutritional oils
  • high stability oils
  • powdered fats

Contact Details

  • Fax: + 46 454 828 10
  • Website:
  • Address: Karlshamns AB Headoffice, 374 82, Karlshamn, Sweden