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The American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) is accepting nominations for a variety of awards to be presented at the group's 2004 annual meeting in San Diego next year.

From 19-22 September the food science association will present six awards. AACC Fellows, honours AACC members who have made 'meritorious contributions to cereal science and technology'. To be eligible, the nominee must have been an AACC member for at least 10 years. The William F. Geddes Memorial award is presented to an AACC member who has made 'outstanding contributions in service and/or leadership to the association'.

The AACC Excellence in Teaching award goes to an AACC member and current teacher who has made 'significant contributions through teaching in the broad field of cereal science and technology' and the Alsberg-French-Schoch Memorial Lectureship is awarded to an individual whose contributions to fundamental starch science are 'deemed most worthy of recognition'.

Finally, the Thomas Burr Osborne medal is given to an individual 'whose research in cereal chemistry has contributed significantly to the progress of the science'.

Award nominations must be made to the 3000 strong association by 1 January 2004.

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