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Rich isoflavone product launched


Linnea, Swiss manufacturer of botanical extracts, announced this week the launch of a new Red Clover extract. According to Robin Ward, Linnea Marketing Manager, the Red Clover Extract IFL40 contains 40 per cent total isoflavones and 100 mg of the Red Clover Extract IFL40 provides the recommended daily intake of the four principle isoflavones: biochanin A, formononetin, daidzein and genisten. "This means that IFL40 can be formulated into much smaller tablets, capsules or one-a-day doses" he said. Red Clover extract IFL40 is the concentrated extract of the red clover legume, a rich source of isoflavones. Linnea stressed that at 40 per cent isoflavones, 100 mg of IFL40 is equivalent to the daily intake of the four principle isoflavones in the traditional Asian diet. These isoflavones act in the body to mimic estrogen, but without, the company claims, the negative side effects often associated with hormone replacement therapy. Red clover isoflavones are primarily used for the management of menopausal symptoms and to help post menopausal women maintain general health. Red clover has also been cited as an anti-cancer agent and as an aid to help reduce LDL cholesterol ("bad cholesterol").

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