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Quest flavours


Flavour company Quest International introduced globally this month its new range of 25 High Impact Taste (HIT) flavours Ingredients or ` Hifi aromatics ' for short. Beef and chicken types are among the first HIT flavours to be launched, mostly available in both liquid and powder forms. The specific flavours include beef broth, beef stock, grilled beef, dark roast beef, light roast beef and boiled chicken. John Smith, Quest's Global Marketing Director, Culinary, commented, "The importance of smell in the perception of great tasting food has always been recognised - it awakens the appetite, heightens the enjoyment and boosts the whole eating experience. The demand for aromatic flavours, or top notes, is now reaching a peak. " Our high quality HIT flavours are designed to perform in culinary applications, including soups, bouillons and stock cubes, noodle soups, ready meals and processed meats. In fact, anywhere that a specific aroma is required to deliver a full taste. " A dedicated factory has been designed and built at Naarden, The Netherlands to focus on production of these new high impact flavour ingredients.

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