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Potassium without the taste


Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation, has launched three microencapsulated forms of potassium targeted at the food industry - dipotassium phosphate (available in white and brown forms) and potassium chloride. The company believes that the products represent a breakthough in food processing.

As part of Balchem's Vitashure microencapsulated product line, these microencapsulated ingredients have been designed to overcome the common processing challenges that manufacturers often encounter when incorporating these minerals into products. For example, dipotassium phosphate and potassium chloride are known for an unpleasant taste that can impact the quality of the end product. Dipotassium phosphate is also highly hygroscopic and picks up moisture from the surrounding environment, as well as other ingredients, which can cause clumping and other processing challenges.

"Potassium is a highly sought after ingredient for fortification even though manufacturers have long struggled with the negative impact that potassium has on the end product," said Vernetta Dally, applications manager for Balchem Encapsulates. "Now Balchem has utilised its microencapsulation technology to overcome potassium's characteristic bad taste and hygroscopicity to ensure trouble-free incorporation into a range of products."

Through its proprietary microencapsulation technology, Balchem applies a uniform layer of a coating material to dipotassium phosphate and potassium chloride to stabilise and protect them during processing, and to mask any undesirable flavours. Unlike other encapsulation systems that often generate a high portion of agglomerates, Balchem's fluid-bed microencapsulation technology yields evenly coated, discrete particles that flow freely and mix uniformly in food systems for better processing and proper nutrient delivery and absorption.

Potassium is important for regulating pH levels in body fluids, blood pressure, muscle and nerve cells, osmotic pressure and water balance. Obtaining adequate amount of potassium is particularly critical for individuals who are dieting or taking diuretics, which is why potassium is commonly used in diet and meal replacement bars and other diet products.

Because potassium can appear as white specs when incorporated into nutrition bars, Balchem is offering dipotassium phosphate in a brown color. Vitashure 662 (brown dipotassium phosphate), Vitashure 664 (dipotassium phosphate) and Vitashure 665 (potassium chloride) can be used in a range of products including nutrition bars, tablets, confections and chews.

Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of US-based Balchem Corporation manufactures microencapsulated ingredients for the food industries. The company's microencapsulated ready-to-market and custom solutions are particularly suited for the baking, confectionery, and processed meat industries.

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