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New starch for intestinal health


Paris-based starch company Cerestar recently launched a new starch to aid intestinal health at the FiEurope exhibition in London this month. C*Actistar, which acts as a colonic nutrient, is the latest addition to Cerestar's range of ingredients for the functional food market. It is rich in resistant starch that contributes to inducing a high butyrate production. Butyrate can help to control the growth and overall metabolic activity of the colonic cells, and contribute towards an improved intestinal health and consequently a reduced risk of digestive disorders. The specific structure of CIActiStar favours its fermentation to butyrate and causes resistant starch to reach the lower part of the large intestine. Available as a white, bland-tasting powder CIActiStar has wide applications in the food and drink sectors, including bread and biscuits, flavoured milks, ready-to-use powdered mixes, instant soups and powdered and chocolate drinks.

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