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New potato based starches from National Starch


UK starch company National Starch launched two new potato-based starches at the FiE 2001 in London last week. Novation 6600 and National 10270-4 form part of a series of potato starch developments from National Starch. Designed to enhance meat products ranging from ham and meat spreads to mince meat and sausages, as well as soya and 'veggie' burgers, they aim to reduce costs by minimising processing losses and creating an appealing texture and taste. Novation 6600 is a potato-based cold water swelling starch. Developed to improve binding during the cold forming stage of formed products such as soya burgers, vegetarian/vegan burgers and shaped potato products, it aims to improve texture, 'bite' and processability. According to National Starch shrinkage after frying is reduced and products remain succulent after reheating and microwaving. Novation 6600 is non-GM and allows manufacturers to cater for egg-, gluten- and additive-free diets. The second new potato-based starch, National 10270-4, can be used as a 1:1 replacement for sodium caseinate which, as a milk-based binder, can be subject to fluctuating and often high prices. Replacing sodium caseinate with National 10270-4 in vacuum-packed or canned sausages can help reduce ingredients costs by up to 50 per cent and minimise purge. National Starch claims that National 10270-4 can also replace other vegetable proteins, preserving a meaty taste and encouraging repeat purchase. The company added in a recent statement that while it supports the responsible use of bio-technology, the company currently offers a full range of non-GM starches throughout Europe.

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