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New ice-cream ingredients range from Quest


Flavour company Quest International continues to develop products for the ice-cream and the dairy industry. The company announced this week a new ingredients range, Sherex, with improved taste and texture characteristics. Combined with the recent launch of their new Vanilla Analogs flavour range, also targeted primarily at the ice cream market, this latest Sherex launch aims to demonstrate Quest's involvement in the global ice cream flavour and ingredient technology. Michel Lipsch, of the Quest team, said: "Sherex provides the first systematic line-up of solutions to match with any ice cream manufacturing need, with dosage levels varying depending on the formulations and processing conditions for each end product. Competitive products all have different characteristics, often confusing in their purposes and uses. Our Sherex selector speeds up the development process." Quest claims that for the consumer, the main features created through using Sherex products are scoopability, mouthfeel, creaminess, firmness and controlled meltdown and a texture that is stable to temperature variations in transit or moving in and out of the fridge. The company maintains that for the manufacturer, the main benefits of Sherex products are optimum viscosity, a stable ice mix, the good level of fat agglomeration and aeration, good extrusion or firmness properties and temperature resilience. Quest's Marketing Director Dairy, Steve Bodicoat, commented;"We have comprehensively mapped our Sherex portfolio across the landscape of market needs in consumer textures, flavour release and ice cream formulations. Using our analytical and sensory techniques, first developed in the flavour industry, we've characterised the key sensorial attributes for texture. This reflects the synergies we have in Quest between taste and texture and our market orientated approach."

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