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Lycopene helps male fertility


Lycopene, a naturally occurring antioxidantfound in watermelon, grapes, tomatoes and some shellfish, may help improvefertility in men. This is the finding of a recent study conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in NewDelhi. Leading researchers Rajeev Kumar and N. P. Gupta orally administered 2 milligrams oflycopene twice daily for 3 months to 30 infertile men aged 23 to 45, and measured theconcentration, activity and shape of their sperm. They found that improvement in sperm concentration occurred in 20 patients and activity improved in almost three infour patients with a 63% improvement in sperm cell shape. The authors stressed that larger randomised controlled trials were required before any general therapeutic guidelines could be drawn up. The findings were presented at the Nagpur meeting of the Indian Association of Urologists held in January. Source:Reuters

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