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Let the chocolate flow


Food ingredient developer Danisco Cultor recently launched a new polyglycerol ester of polycondensed ricinoleic acid (PGPR) for the confectionery world. The company claims that GRINDSTED® PGPR 90 PLUS Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate ensures chocolate maintains a very low yield value, making it flow easier and more manageable to handle. It can work well at very low dosages reducing the cost of chocolate products, so Danisco continues in a statement. "For every $1 spent on GRINDSTED® PGPR 90 in a finished product, a $2 savings is achieved through the reduced use of cocoa butter," said Mike Regan, Confectionery Industry Manager with Danisco Cultor . In the United States, GRINDSTED® PGPR 90 PLUS is permitted in chocolate and cocoa-based confectionery up to a dosage of 0.3%.

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