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Industry gets the 'hump'


A new substitute to cow's and goat's milk may soon surprise consumers - camel milk. According to an article in US magazine Specialty Food, Neil Waters, a 20 year camel farming veteran, plans to open a dairy on Camels Australia, his 56-camel tourist safari property in central Australia, which will become home to his dairy herd.

Milking trials have been hit or miss, reports the magazine. "The hardest part is to get wild camels to stand still which you milk them; they've got a nasty kick," joked Waters. But apparently the milk tastes sweeter than cow's milk, leading Waters to hope that his camels will become a popular alternative source of milk for the health food market.

The straw which breaks the camel's 'proverbial' may be in receiving local health department clearance. Unlike goats and sheep, which are classified as livestock, the camel is a feral animal, therefore its milk, which is reported to have beneficial effects on stomach ailments, can only be referred to as juice.

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