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GM meat on sale within 15 years, scientists predict


Genetically modified meat could be on shop shelves in the next 10 to 15 years, British researchers predicted on Monday, Reuters reports. Professor Patrick Bateson, of the Royal Society of leading scientists, said it will be feasible to breed chicken resistant to salmonella or cattle genetically altered to produce lean meat. ''It should take at least a decade,'' he told Reuters. But Bateson, chairman of a Royal Society group which produced a new report on GM animals, said the meat and products would be subject to strict regulations and testing before they reached the market. The 50-page report called for more funding for research on the use of GM animals, and said research on genetic modification will become increasingly important in the search for the causes and cures of diseases. Bateson also sought to quell fears that the technology will be used to create freak creatures and said it could improve the welfare of animals. ''We share the concerns of many members of the public about welfare issues and we believe that the research should minimise the suffering to animals while maximising the gain to medicine, agriculture and our fundamental understanding of biology.'' Source: Reuters

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