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Fruit extracts fit the bill


Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) unveiled its newly developed range of fruit extract powders at Food Ingredients Europe last week in London. The cranberry specialists have developed cranberry extracts with specific attributes that meet, they claim, product developers' needs. Levels of compounds associated with urinary tract health benefits are present in some cranberry extracts, while other dried cranberry ingredients focus on high fibre content. Ocean Spray also offers nutritional powders derived from blueberries and Concord grape. Enrichment technologies have been used to further enhance the phytonutrient content of these fruit extracts. The company's Concord grape extract powder with a total phenolic content of more than 90 per cent. This wide range of ingredient technologies and product options offers opportunities for nutraceutical, confectionery, dry mix beverage and other low moisture applications. Sweetened Dried Cranberries (SDCs), Flavoured Fruit Pieces (FFPs), juice concentrates, and fruit powders are among the other ingredients developed and marketed by Ocean Spray ITG.

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