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Education on 'real' food needed


According to a nutrition expert, some Scottish children do not know that fruit has to be peeled, blaming a national enthusiasm for processed food and takeaway meals, the Times reports. Anita Cormac, the director of Focus on Food, a government-backed campaign to improve eating habits in Scotland, said that young parents were no longer interested in preparing meals. According to her study, some children had never tasted "real" food and had been brought up exclusively on processed meals, snacks and takeaways. "There is a generation of young parents who do not know how to cook and rely completely on ready-made meals and takeaways." "It is shocking but there are children who don't know that an orange or banana has to be peeled before they eat it," she added. This year, the Scottish Executive announced that it was giving £200,000 to the five-year campaign, which goal is to interest children in healthy cooking.

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