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Cereal food scientists invite submissions


The Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) attracts nearly two thousand participants to discuss the latest developments in functional foods, grain-based ingredients, the structure and function offood components and other related topics. The AACC iscurrently accepting applications from those interested in presenting posterand/or oral presentations at the Association's October 13-17, 2002 AnnualMeeting in Montreal, Canada. "The growth in grain-based foods has created increased interest in ourannual meetings," says Laura Hansen, AACC 2002 Annual Meeting Program Chair. "We've seen a greater number of people from throughout the food industryattending and this year's meeting will likely attract even more." Some of the technical and general symposia currently in theplanning stages for the 2002 meeting include a series of symposia focusingon issues in product development- a full-day session on consumer attitudesand trends, healthy aspects of whole grains, organic breads and alternativecereals, US and global issues in biotechnology, the increasing use ofpulses/legumes and their quality and functional attributes, protein sessionson enzymes and puroindolins, and analytical methods for starch analysis anddetection in food systems. "Grain-based food science is an expanding field," says Hansen. "We wantpeople to know that this is an excellent forum for presenting their work." Those interesting in submitting an abstract can visit the AACC website at: The deadline for abstract submissions is February 21, 2002.

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