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Brits neglect heart health (and don’t believe the hype)

Last updated on 02-Jul-2009 at 13:04 GMT2009-07-02T13:04:20Z



Only one third of Brits pay attention to their heart health, and 45 per cent said heart health claims were untrustworthy, according to Datamonitor research.


Despite the best efforts of functional foods manufacturers, Brits were failing to turn onto heart health products, and especially weight management products that promote benefits such as calorie-burning. Only 12 per cent of respondents said they could be trusted.




“There are positive signs that products are getting better for our hearts but, in difficult financial times, they need to do more to convince people that they are worth the money,” said Datamonitor analyst, Mark Whalley.




“What’s more, people must start to take more of a long-term interest in their hearts before it is too late.”



In a poll conducted by Harvard Health Publications, only 13 per cent of women categorized heart health as their greatest health risk. Breast cancer ranked higher, even though heart disease kills six times as many.




Datamonitor cited omega-3 as an ingredient that could deliver heart health benefits and was winning public acceptance.




Datamonitor predicts almost 40 per cent of UK children will be overweight or obese by 2013.




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