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New light cast on food intake

As scientists continue to look for ways to help us battle the bulge, a new study suggests that our own hormonal makeup may offer promising clues. A team of researchers...

Round up ready safe, say EFSA scientists

After months of risk assessment scientists at Europe's first food safety agency have given the green light to Monsanto's herbicide-tolerant GM maize. NK 60 is as safe as conventional maize,...

New yeast products from Overseal

Eager to grab a slice of the steadily growing market for natural alternatives to hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP) seasonings, UK company Overseal Foods has launched a line of yeast products...

100,000 euro prize for Europe based toxicologist

Cefic, European Chemical Industry Council, in conjunction with EUROTOX has this week launched a €100,000 award for 'innovative interdisciplinary research' in the field of toxicology.

CSIRO targets citrus world

Australian scientists this week confirm past and current evidence that a diet high in citrus fruits could help to prevent certain cancers and reduce risk of stroke.

Roll out for confectionery fat replacers

More than three years after Danish ingredients company Danisco filed an application to the EU for approval of its fat replacer salatrim, the Commission finally rubber stamped the product on...

Firm analysis for fat content

Labelling issues for meat have just got easier, hails a Danish analysis equipment company that has come up with a new technology to measure fat content.

Independence, openness, excellence - the lifeblood of the EFSA

If traceability is at the heart of new food labelling rules in Europe then the life blood keeping it beating must be risk management. On the eve of the first...

Dealing with unwanted 'foreign bodies'

Exacting legislation in Europe calls for cutting-edge technology to cope with the demands of processing. A new method coming out of Sweden is targeting manufacturers' concerns over 'foreign bodies'.

Food science link up

Information sharing is the key motivation behind a closer collaboration between independent UK body for food science - the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) - and its equivalent...

Fish oil food, without the rancid taste

Food technologists the world over are looking at formulations to boost the consumption of health-promoting fish oil in people's diets, but they are faced with a hurdle - food quickly...

Research questions value of fortification

Fortifying wheat flour with iron appears to have little effect on improving intake of the mineral, suggests a report in this month's European Journal of Nutrition.

New technology to cut toxicity test need

Cost cuts for food manufacturers involved in enzyme-based food products could be on the way through shorter lead times following the development of a new food enzyme production technology.

EU pushes funding for enlargement

Today in Brussels European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin will meet ministers and high level representatives of the 13 acceding and candidate countries to discuss their participation in the EU's Sixth...

Scientists beat the bean taste

Food scientists in the US have developed a new dough formulation to eradicate the musty, 'beany' aftertaste of some soy-based breads.

Ireland, vCJD at bay

Only one more person from the Republic of Ireland (ROI) is likely to die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) as a consequence of eating BSE infected meat, scientists claim this...

GM crops to feed the world?

Hunger is on the rise again after falling steadily during the first half of the 1990s, warns the UN's annual hunger report released on Wednesday. In the same week, a...

Solutions to health pressures

A researcher in Guatemala has been awarded €120, 000 for his work on finding solutions to the public health problems caused by malnutrition.

Processing potassium

Balchem Encapsulates used the FiE exhibition in Frankfurt last week as a platform to launch three microencapsulated forms of potassium for the food and supplement markets to combat processing challenges,...

DHA supplements could reduce postnatal depression

Low levels of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) after pregnancy are associated with postnatal depression, report researchers in a new study.

Cognis plant nears completion

The Cognis Group, a leader in antioxidant and botanical ingredients, announced recently that it is near to completing construction of the world's largest stand-alone manufacturing...

One stop pressure feeds concept philosophy

Health, margins and consolidation came shining through at the FiE exhibition this week as key issues currently facing the food industry. But strategies to take...

UK researchers delve deeper into obesity

Researchers looking at the rising occurrence of obesity in the UK population will present some interesting findings - including the affects of carbohydrates levels on...

Crunchy formulations from whey

The FiE this week was awash with European and American companies offering the market whey protein isolates. In the US, scientists have found a further...

Food innovation: the next step

UK-based research firm Leatherhead Food is launching a series of projects that will provide companies with new opportunities for product innovation. Leatherhead's Food Ingredients &...

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